Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So, how's life with two?

Y'all. It's been so long since I blogged that I actually forgot my own password.

This is not a good sign.

If any of you out there still read this thing, then don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. I just needed a hot second to collect myself after I became a mom of two.

You know, I'm still baffled by the mathematics behind it, but I have found that even though my children only doubled, the time it takes me to get out of the house has ever-lovin' quadrupled. Not to mention: shower, answer emails, work, unload the dishwasher, pee...seriously.

I'm being a little dramatic here, but truly only a little.

I get this question a lot, "So, how's life with two?"

Honestly? It's pretty awesome. I didn't know God made babies who don't cry 24 hours a day like Simon did. Poor thing... he was so miserable for the first few months of his life. I remember soaking up the three minutes out of the day when he would actually SMILE. It never lasted long before his colic kicked back in and he screamed until bounced him up and down until the house nearly started sagging.

Owen hardly cries. And before any of you mothers reach through the screen and back hand me across the face, I ask you to refer back to the paragraph above. When she does cry, it's because she's very tired or very hungry.

Owen mostly enjoys looking around, kicking her legs and smiling at inanimate objects like ceiling fans or framed photos. When an actual person comes into her view, you'd think the child won the lottery. She gets so darn delighted to see a face. She coos, she grins and sometimes she even shrieks because she's so happy. My heart could burst open right onto the floor. Her big brother has been known to throw his trains, his beanbags, the water hose nozzle (I can't make this stuff up) her when she's in her cradle. She mostly just looks at him, like

"Pull yourself together, big brother, or you're going to get another timeout."

I don't know if it's because she's a more laid-back baby or if it's because she's my second baby, but I would honestly say that, despite the sleep deprivation, the blow out diapers, the constant nursing and the baby fingernails that have demolished my chest (can I get an "Amen?"), I have enjoyed nearly every second of having a newborn this time around.

Again, don't hate me, mothers. Last time I went on prescription anxiety medication, remember?

I have a friend who said, "Love never divides, it always multiplies," when I expressed by fear of not loving Owen Elizabeth as much as Simon. I thought it was Hallmark-y at the time, but now I get it. I totally get it.

Having two is amazing. It's time-consuming, and I'm constantly tending to a need, whether it's changing a diaper or refilling a cup of raisins. I never get through even half of my to-do lists, but I am delighted to have been gifted these two ducklings of mine. I could just squeeze them both until their eyeballs pop out. That's how life is with two, y'all.

Stick around. There's bound to be more to write about soon.



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