Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Happens at Sappy-town: A Belated Anniversary Post

I wasn't a fairytale kinda gal growing up. For some reason, I didn't grow up planning Barbies' weddings or playing princess. I wore Umbros, ate Slim Jims (and pretended I was a baseball player with chewing tobacco...anyone else?!) and caused my parents to have to replace the carpet in the family room because I ran and did flips on it until it became so loose that it bunched up at one end of the room.

I never really identified with the girls who played dress up and prince charming until I met N. my sophomore year of college. Sure: I had been wooed by charm before, good looks, you name it. I dated and flirted and wore cropped tanks to impress the boys back when my waist was teensy. But the night I met my hubbins, I remember feeling like I was meeting a freaking prince. He was tall and kind and handsome and a little bit shy but still confident. He was so darn authentic and respectful that I felt like I had been slapped in the face. I probably stared at him a lot that night, like, "Are you real?" To this day, I've never met a more genuine soul. It's one of the many reasons I married him.

 He's a quiet soul who would never draw attention to himself. But as his wife, I think he could justify putting his handsome face on a bill board. And we celebrated four years together this past month, so why not give him a super public ooey gooey love letter for the whole internet to read?

If ever I want to fall in love with him all over again, I just smash my face into his armpit. My favorite smell in the world, that armpit. It always, no matter how sweaty he is, smells like deodorant and soap and beach in there. It's my happy place. Is that weird?

I just love him. He purposefully does stuff just to make me happy every day, even when I'm being a brat. He'll say, "You're terrible to be around right now, but come here." And he'll hug me even though I'm being a tool. Who does that? My man. And Jesus.

Happy Four Years, Mooch. Thanks for letting me put my cold feet on you sometimes, if you're in the right mood, or if you're already halfway asleep.



the world's tallest man sitting in a child's rocking chair at CHO airport


  1. I TOTALLY know what you mean with the armpit! Instant sanity whenever I smell Ben's.

  2. This is precious. I can totally relate - I never really planned my wedding growing up or loved princessy things... more enjoyed playing doctor and climbing trees. I got swept off my feet when my hubby started pursuing me though, and learned to love romance <3

  3. I like to smell Andrew's armpits too. It makes me happy. Happy 4 years, friends! :)

  4. Armpits are the best! All those pheromones!

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