Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's me again!

Why, hello blog world. It's been a few weeks, hasn't it?

Does anybody else kinda shut down 'round about mid-February and not want to open back up until April? I feel like a computer screen--frozen on a youtube video. My hard drive has crashed and I can't reboot 'til it's warm and sunny again. That's not really about computers work, I know, but it's like I said- I've shut down.

I took a shower the other night, then doused by skin in Arbonne's sunless tanning spray just so I could remember what it's like to be blindingly pale. Desperate times, y'all.

On a brighter note, I've got a big ole belly full of baby girl. I am definitely looking bigger than 27 weeks pregnant, as has been evident by strangers saying the exact same thing to me:

"Oh when are you due?"
"May 30th."
"Ohhhhh not 'till Maaaayyy..."

The biggest news at Bakertown as of late is that we're moving.

Nowhere crazy. We'll still be in the 'Ville or close by, at least. And it's not that we don't love, love, love our house. We do. But our family needs a little more...yard. We've got a big ole dog and a toddler with two speeds: running and sleeping. They both need to, as my grandmother would say, "blow some stink off" and we can't offer them that where we're living now. Our home would be perfect for families of a different age or with a different pet. (Any of you who know our dear Turkles know that he has...quirks.) We're hoping and praying that the right family will come in and love our house as much as we did!

Anywho. Yes. I'm the crazy woman who's putting her house on the market and looking to buy a new one with 13 weeks left until she gives birth. We'll laugh about it a year from now...? (right?)

Love y'all. Happy Thursday!




  1. Hey, better to move now than with a newborn!! Good luck in selling your house! I know it's a tough market right now (we just signed a contract on ours after moving in January), but you gotta have that yard for boys! That's the main reason we just moved. :)

  2. That's exciting! Where are you looking?