Monday, January 27, 2014

Gender Reveal! It's a...

I tossed and turned on Thursday night. We would see our baby the next day, and I was anxious to know that all of his or her little body parts were working right--the heart chambers and little kidneys and all that. Of course, I was also pee-yourself-excited to see a sweet face and know if it belonged to a boy or a girl!


Our technician was a beautiful, blonde, angelic sounding woman with--truly--the most uniform and perfect looking nail beds. For some reason, I found that comforting.  She squirted warm gel on my belly and got to work measuring the baby's head.

The scan showed all manner of cute working parts, kicking legs and--adorably enough-- another thumb-sucker.

It wasn't until the end of the scan, that the tech rolled over the baby's bottom, looking for boy bits or girl bits. After what felt like twelve years in a prison without Starbucks, she said..."It's a...



I looked over at Nathaniel, who has wanted a little girl since before we were even engaged. His eyes were filling up fast, and he put his face in his hands. My gentle, giant husband was brought to tears seeing his teensy little daughter wiggle around on the screen.

 We were ecstatic to get a healthy report, and I was pumped to buy ruffle-butt leggings. Obviously. 

We are so grateful to be adding a little lady to Bakertown! And we are--as always--thankful to our talented friend, Marcy May , for her beautiful photos.

Thanks to all of y'all for being the best and most supportive friends and family ever. We're excited to raise a young woman with you.




  1. How exciting!! I know how my soul was filled when we found out we were having a girl! (And the closet quickly filled with little girl dresses too! Too many to count!) Fun fun fun!! You are great parents! Thanking God for this precious healthy little girl this morning!! <3

  2. How exciting! I remember when we found out we were having our girl, my heart was so full! (And her closet quickly filled with little girl dresses too!) You two are such great parents! We thank God for this healthy, precious baby girl baker this morning!

  3. yays for days!!! Congrats :)