Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Guide!!

Y'all didn't think you could get through the holiday season without hearing from me for some gift-giving tips, did ya?

I'm doing nearly all of my Christmas shopping through my Arbonne store, because we have over 400 products (all pure, safe and beneficial, of course!) for errrrrybody.

Here are a few of my faves and why. Make sure you make it to the bottom of the post because there mayyyyyy be a little deal in it for you!

As always, these products are formulated without parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, gluten, soy, dairy, artificial flavors or dyes or any animal by-products. We've been a certified Vegan company for 34 years.

1) Arbonne's Makeup Primer: $38 retail (20% off for Preferred Clients). Y'all I can't tell you how many primers I've sold as Christmas gifts already! It's my clients' absolute favorite product. If you have a mom, sister, mother-in-law, sis-in-law, then they need this in their lives. It's been voted (over and over and over and over...you get my point) best primer in the beauty industry!

Makeup Primer - Holiday Edition from Arbonne

2) Arbonne's Renewing Body Gelee: $49 retail (20% off for Preferred Clients). A dear friend of mine calls this "the Windex of Arbonne". It's true--you can use is as a lotion, as a muscle rub, for razor burn, insect bites, sun burn, scars...the list goes on. It's a must-have at Bakertown. N. calls it "jelly"...whatever floats your boat.
SeaSource Detox Spa® Renewing Body GelĂ©e - Holiday Edition from Arbonne
3) Arbonne Fragrance: $60 retail (20% off for Preferred Clients.) Guys: your girlfriend will love this stuff! Made with essential oils instead of chemicals and alcohol, so she won't have to worry about her co-workers (or herself...) being allergic! I always recommend buying the refill instead of the bottle, because it's $20 less, and it's still in a pretty bottle. Boom.

The Dreamer Fragrance Refill from Arbonne
4) Arbonne's Mens' Post-Shave Balm: $32 retail (20% off for Preferred Clients). Ladies: the men in your lives need this for their poor, dry, winter faces. Red sea kelp to help with razor burn instead of gasoline derivatives (I'm not kidding....check your labels!)
RE9 Advanced for Men Post-Shave Balm from Arbonne

5) Arbonne's Protein Powder: $65 retail (20% off for Preferred Clients). Y'all this stuff has been on backorder off-and-on for months, because it's that good. People are lining up. People are giving their firstborns for it. Even Dr. Oz did a show on the health benefits of pea protein (heyo! ahead of the trend!). Arbonne is working hard to get it back on the shelves. I just received mine yesterday after only a few days on backorder, so don't be afraid to order this for the protein-shake-drinkers in your lives. I 100% guarantee it tastes better than whatever processed crap you're drinking now. I'm looking at you, whey protein...

Protein Shake Mix, Chocolate from Arbonne

Git yer holiday shopping done, y'all!

Mention this blog post to me when you order, and I'll pay for your shipping through Christmas Eve!  Sign up as a Preferred Client and shop at a discount for a year. It's a no-brainer, y'all.



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