Monday, November 18, 2013

the first trimester is OVER

I finally feel like a person again. MAN those first trimesters are no joke, y'all.

I couldn't eat anything from my own kitchen. I mean, let's say I had just gone grocery shopping and bought all of the things that appealed to me. Well, then I'd get home, unload them into my pantry/fridge and they would be the most unappealing food I'd ever seen.

This doesn't make any scientific sense to me. Then again, I'm not a scientist.

At one point in those first weeks, I got so frustrated with my gag reflex, that I started making a list of things that made me gag, which included, but was not limited to:

-cleaning supplies
-thinking about how garbage disposals work
-anything on Pinterest that involved a vegetable
-the sound of an egg cracking
-being hungry
-being full
-anything inbetween

...seriously, you guys? This did NOT happen when I was pregnant with Simon.

There was an evening where I hadn't eaten all day, except for Saltines, which are a gift from our Heavenly Father. I sat on the couch, sitting upright so I wouldn't get heartburn, and immediately had a life-or-death need for peanut butter M&Ms. I told N. about this need, and he actually went out and bought me two bags, which I consumed in their entirety over the next 24 hours.

And just like that, right at 12 weeks, it's all gone. I actually forget sometimes that I'm pregnant, because I feel so darn normal again. I actually danced in my front yard yesterday when I let the dog out to use the bathroom. I danced because I didn't have to sit on the porch and try not to vomit at the thought of him pooping. I actually stood up and walked around with him until he pooped. AND I WATCHED IT! And then, like I said, I danced. It was like an Irish jig but with jazz hands. Just in case you were wondering.

That's really all for your Monday reading pleasure.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and are as joyful as I am to start a new week!




  1. yay!! so glad you are feeling normal again :) i never got sick but had NO appetite and most food was repulsive that first trimester for me... wahhh so glad it's gone (for you and i haha)!! enjoy this pregnancy lady

  2. I was SO sick with Hallie. Like, I couldn't keep anything down at ALL from week 5 to about 14. It was awful. It was not like that for either of my boys… so maybe you're having a girl? ;)

    So excited for you guys, boy or girl! (Also, I wish we lived closer so we could be Mommy Friends!)