Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hero Hubbins

Vomiting is my biggest fear in life. I had salmonella or some other kind of food poisoning a few months after N. and I got married, and I'm still sufficiently traumatized. It might be because I'm missing the part of my brain that tells my stomach to vomit. And maybe a few other parts, too. I will lie on the bathroom floor feeling like death until I have to go to great lengths to actually make it happen. I've already given too many details...let's just say it involves a toothbrush. Moving on...

Anyway, I know that N. loves me, because I asked him if he would clean up the vomit that Simon will inevitably puke one day in his bed or on our bed (I cry at the thought) or the floor or whatever, and he said, "Yeah, sure," like is was no big deal!?


Last night, our Bubbins woke up crying and coughing around 3:30am. He never wakes up at night, so I went into get him, and he was was just lying there, squinting at me and having peed out of his diaper onto his jammies and his bed. He must have been freezing. He also had two streams of snot coming out of his little nose, and when he'd try to take a deep breath, he'd choke and cough. He just needed a little help, poor guy.  I picked him up, changed his wet bum and took him to lie down with Daddy for a minute while I changed his sheets.

When I came back, this is what I found:

Like I said, Hero.

Hottie McHotterson Hero. Am I annoying?

This post was simply to thank my hubbins for being a Hero of a husband and daddy.

I love every day with you, N. Time flies when we're together.



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