Monday, August 5, 2013

treat day

I just tried to bake some brown rice tortillas. If you tear them apart and bake them at 450 for 5 minutes, they become tasty little pita chips without the gluten.

I preheated the oven. Within a minute, the kitchen filled with smoke. Lest a sleeping babe be jarred awake by the world's loudest and most sensitive fire alarm, I threw open every door and window in the house in record time, leaping across furniture like the hot lava game I used to play when I was a kid. I don't know what pesky little food or critter made its way to the bottom of my oven, but I'm for darn sure gonna find out here in a minute. But for now, I write. Anything to keep a napping babe napping. A sleeping baby is better than a cranky one. Although a satiated mom is better than a hungry one. I have quinoa crackers for that, I guess.

It feels like fall outside, although it's the beginning of August. Days like these are such treat days: like warm days in the middle of January or cool ones in the middle of the summer. It's days like today when I would've skipped class at JMU. I would've sat on the steps of Wilson and watched a handsome guy throw a football. I would've picked up cotton candy ice cream at Dukes. I would've done everything I could to soak up the treat day. I would've played and lived and wondered and dreamed and just grabbed at the best parts of the day until I was absolutely exhausted and had dirty feet.

Today, I will meet up with two of my favorite gals and their babies, and we will walk on the downtown mall together, pushing our strollers with one hand, while the other holds coffee that we snag from Java Java or MudHouse. We will talk about sleep training and marriage, I bet. One of these gals went to JMU, and she will totally "get" how today feels like a JMU day. The other went to Longwood, and I'm sure she'll know a Longwood version of a treat day, too. Treat days are treat days anywhere, I'd guess.

Is today a treat day where you live? Did you get a break from the heat like we are getting in Cville?

What do you do on a treat day? How do you like to live it?



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  1. It feels like fall in Minneapolis, and I'm okay with it. I just know your blog is going to make me miss Virginia, especially as that fantastic East Coast autumn makes its way over.