Friday, August 2, 2013

Remembering Susan

When I was about 35 weeks pregnant, I got the happiest little box in the mail. It was from my Aunt Susan, and she had wrapped everything individually, so it was a complete delight to open. It was the small things back then, when I was still working and tired and swollen and ready to get that baby out. Opening that gift gave me so much joy. She gave me tiny little hangers that she tied with light blue ribbon, outlet covers, pacifiers and burp clothes.

I wonder sometimes if those gifts were a divine kind of gift, because they cause me to think of Susan every single day when I unplug the cover so I can use the vacuum or the box fan, or when I hang up Simon's little clothes. I know she'd be delighted by those simple little things.

I've heard that families are sometimes afraid that their loved ones will be forgotten, so I guess this post is to reassure Susan's family (my family) and friends: not on my watch, she won't be.

I often tell the story about how Susan hugged a woman in a burqa shortly after 9/11, because she didn't want the woman to feel stereotyped or judged. I love that story.

That's really all for today, y'all. I'm just remembering Susan.

this photo was taken from Susan's Facebook page

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