Monday, August 19, 2013

my thoughts on "Insta"

 I love Instagram. I love it because I love seeing and feeding off of positive and optimistic people. And most of the time, Instagram-ers post about their happy things: their gorgeous colorful salad or their family picnic in the backyard or the date-night with their hubbins-es. These things lift my spirits. I almost always scroll through Instagram before I fall asleep, because it leaves me feeling happy.

But in my moments of weakness, when I'm feeling like a failure anyway, I have to be sure not to check it. It makes me feel like poo that my kid isn't walking yet or that I could never make a baby shower look that cute or a DIY project that perfect.

But that's not Instagram's fault. And it's sure not Instagram users' fault, either.  I read an article calling on Instagram-ers to stop posting about their perfect lives and I wholeheartedly disagreed. First of all, it's common knowledge that no one has a perfect life. And secondly, I think that people should absolutely celebrate the blessings in their lives or the weight that they've lost or the steps their child has taken or the meal that they grew in their garden. And I believe that it's my responsibility to put my phone down when I feel the jealousy trying to creep in. I believe it's my job to stop right there and pray for a grateful attitude for all the blessings I've been given that might not be in the form of a green thumb or tan skin. 

What are your thoughts on Instagram?




  1. I feel the same way girl! I WANT to celebrate my friends joys and good days, and not be someone who looks at it and feels jealous. Plus, you are doing GREAT mama, and I LOVE stalking all your pictures.

  2. The problem with platforms like Instagram and Facebook is that there is no balance. When I started my blog about my transplant and wedding planning journey, I made a promise to myself about the type of content I was going to include. It had to be real. If I'm going to write about a good day I had, then I should be able to just as easily write about a bad day I had. If I'm going to post of picture of myself looking perfect, with perfect hair and make-up, then I should be able to post a picture of myself on a bad hair day, in a messy kitchen, or of the less than attractive meal I'm eating. I think people who use Instagram and Facebook for the purpose of only showing the good, perfectly constructed things in their lives should ask themselves "Why am I omitting half of what makes me who I am and what makes my life so unique and special?" It's easy to show the finished product of your son walking down to the end of the hallway without falling, but I feel like it's more compelling and more real to show the missteps along the way. And honestly, I think it reaches and touches more people. Just my two cents :)

    1. Hi, Jewel! I completely agree that it's encouraging to me to see other people (moms and women , especially) who "keep it real" on their respective social networking apps. It's so helpful and reassuring, right? However, I don't think it's up to me to demand that of someone, either. If they don't want to share their crap, then they don't have to share it. It's their choice on what they share, and it's my choice on how I respond to it. Thanks for your opinion!

  3. I totally agree with this! I have seen so many articles recently about how bad it is to post about our happy lives..I WANT to be happy and share in the joy of those around me, even if my day is terrible! And if im jealous, it's because of my own heart! Ps-you are doing a great job Mama-love seeing pictures of that rascal!

  4. These are my feelings for Facebook! "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel." At least you know not to check it when you're feeling down-I look more and make myself feel worse when I get on FB and feel jealousy creepin'. I think most of us have moments like this though so you're not alone! I love Instagram and FB though!