Monday, June 10, 2013


I've never had more milk in my refrigerator than I do at this very moment.

I should do a roll call:

almond milk?: check.
coconut milk?: check.
goat's milk?: check
rice milk?: check.

Add this to the list of things someone forgot to tell me about motherhood: you don't just go from weaning off formula/breastmilk straight into sippy cups of diluted applejuice. There's another phase of bottle feeding around age one to figure out. Lawd.

Simon's little bod never was a huge fan of the whey protein in formula, and neither was the Bakertown grocery bill, so we were amped for the switcheroo to almond milk. Turns out the almond milk has artificial thickeners that were being unkind to Simon's belly er...diapers. Same goes for you, coconut milk. And rice milk? Well, you're need a little more fat in you. Thus, I sent an S.O.S to the moms of Charlottesville, and they saved the day by suggesting goat's milk: no lactose, good amount of fat and calories.


The moral of this story is: nothing.

Except that having a community of moms is so key when you find yourself on the verge of an existential meltdown because of things like milk and baby constipation.

Also on the list of things someone forgot to tell me: you might stay up late talking your husband's ear off about the how baby eczema and lactose are connected, and can you BELIEVE our food industry will allow fill-in-the-blank? And "we need to move to Europe STAT!"

Rest assured, no one's moving to Europe any time soon. Unless you all want to come with me, then we'd put our house on the market tomorrow.



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  1. My mom used goat's milk for Anderson, as he was lactose intolerant as a baby. I wanted to use it when I weaned Gabriel at 9 months, but it was so expensive and Drew didn't have a job! It's stinky, but great for the behbehs! :)