Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm a question-asker

N. and I were driving to visit family this weekend, and he was in a particularly quiet mood.

This was after we had gotten pulled over by a state cop accusing us of "speeding" past him going 68mph in a 60mph. Those were his words, at least. His tone said something more like, "You should get out of your car and kiss my tail, because I'm a cop. And you are stupid."

We told him that our speedometer read "62mph" to which he replied,

"Well, you should never pass a state trooper in uniform." Well, OK, then. Didn't know that law.

Then he said something-or-other about how four wheel drive vehicles need more calibration and hadn't we ever heard of the simple equation that "time divided by distance equals speed?" He blinked slowly at us lowly, common folk.

That's when I corrected him by telling him that our vehicle was actually not four wheel drive, but thank you so much for letting us know; we'll definitely take better care of our speedometer now.

Then N. told me to shut up, so there was the end of that.

For the record, State-y sassed me first, so...

The rest of the car ride was fairly quiet. And when it's very quiet, well, then that's usually when I do my thinking. And when I get to thinking about things, I usually ask questions. A lot of questions. I asked N.,

"Will my lilies ever spread? Or will they just grow new blooms? I want them to spread."

"They'll spread." N. said.

"How long till that take?" I was chewing on a straw.

"Couple years, I guess." N. said.

Small lull in conversation.

"Why don't the hornets ever sting us when we get the mail?" This had always made me very curious. (They have a nest underneath our box.)

"Probably because we're not threatening them." N. answered.

Another small pause.

I continued to ask questions about when he thought life began and what was his favorite meal he ever ate and then I finally asked him,

"Do you ever get annoyed that I ask you a lot of questions?"

To which he replied, "Not usually."

I'm a question-asker. It's how I figure out the world around me. Some people research. Some people probably don't care about whether or not ants sleep at night, but I do.

What about you? Are you a question-asker?



ps. For the record, I admire and respect law enforcement who treat people like, well, people.


  1. I do my very best to be patient with my question-asking boyfriend. He's always wondering about a million things and even though I rarely have an answer, I've found it's best to just participate!

    1. HAHAHA! Well, from this question-asker, I say thank you for putting up with us. I almost labeled this post "I just realized that I'm annoying." :)

  2. Oh Brett! This is Stephen to a T! I read your post to him and we had a pretty great laugh about it:) Here's to being question askers, my well written friend. Love ya girl!

    1. :) Stephen sounds like a pretty cool guy. HHEEEHEEE

  3. I never really thought about it until now, but I feel like my wife and I ask DIFFERENT questions.

    I ask questions that invite opinions but nothing all that concrete, just impressions on the sundry minutia of daily life or whatever is puzzling me in the moment. When she asks me a question, she usually wants a straight answer. Even if it's about what to have for dinner. She wants the problem solved.

    To me questions are a dance by which I collect impressions; for her they're a grid of avenues by which to locate facts and solve puzzles.

    p.s. - this cop sounds like a twerp.

    1. Twerp is the perfect word for him. HMPH!!!! I see what you mean about different questions. Perhaps N. is more like you?

  4. Ok so now I have to know -- do ants sleep at night?

    1. HAHAHA. Right? I have yet to find out. I think they probably take shifts so they can terrorize my house 24/7.