Saturday, June 29, 2013

an adult-sized serving of biscuits and gravy


We dropped Daddy off at his Cross Fit gym this morning. Your daddy is a big, strong, hardworking man. He's breaking gym records and pushes himself hard. Sometimes he even pukes. We don't have to go there. Anyway, I look forward to the day when you admire your daddy for the big, strong, hero he is. You adore him right now, because he's funny, and he chases you,  and he tickles you, but I'm not sure you're old enough to know how to admire him. We walked in to see his gym and to meet the owners. One of the owners told you "No drool on the floor," and since very fit people intimidate me, I didn't know if I should take her seriously or not. So, we left and Daddy did his workout.

Where did you and I go, you ask? Isn't the answer obvious? We went to get a greasy southern breakfast, of course. They say opposites attract, and I think that's true. Your daddy likes working out until he pukes because he actually enjoys it. I like to workout, so I can earn myself some house-ground breakfast sausage dipped in Bold-and-Spicy BBQ sauce.

You and I ate at Ace Biscuit & BBQ, which is Mama's very favorite place for breakfast. It's a tiny little restaurant with one big table, where everyone sits together. You can hear what people order at the register, so when I ordered you your very own adult-sized serving of biscuits and sausage gravy, we sure did get some strange looks.  Just y'all wait, I thought. You may look 11 months old, Simon, but you could out-eat a horse, and that's a fact.

I put you in a wooden high-chair and scooped some steamy sausage gravy into your wide-open mouth. The gravy dripped out of the side of your little mouth and onto your shirt. I forgot a bib, so you weren't the cleanest-looking person in the joint, but you sure were cute.

"N-Yum." You said, and everyone at the table giggled.

You darn-near finished that plate of biscuits and gravy, washed it down with some water, put your head on the table and started sucking your thumb.

"Nap time." I said to the folks at the restaurant, then we drove home, I stripped you down to your diaper, you burped and fell fast asleep in your crib.

It was always a goal of mine (even before I was your mama) to take my children out for dates. This was our second Mama/Simon date. Our first was at Chipotle, and it went down similarly.

I love you so very much, and your big-boy appetite delights me so very much.

Sweet dreams Bubbins.


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