Friday, May 10, 2013

egg salad brain

Y'all know my brain on a Friday. Scrambled eggs brain, spaghetti brain, egg salad brain, even. So, I'm here to post without any promises that it will be coherent for relevant. But it's what on my mind this morning, nonetheless.

1) This book is goo-oo-ood! The way the author threads words together is downright delicious. If you like Hemingway (I'm not going to pretend that I'm a huge fan. I wish he used more periods and less chapter-long paragraphs, but I do love his wackiness and the way he can't help himself from describing absolutely everything that his characters drink...), then you'll like this unique (fictional) perspective on him, too.

2) Coffee drinkers wake up most mornings thinking about coffee, am I right? Holla back. But I wake up on Spring and Summer mornings thinking of iced coffee. I told the barista at Whole Foods that I like just enough half and half to make my iced coffee the color of Bruno Mars. Anyone? Anyone?

3) It's my first Mother's Day this Sunday! Well, second, I guess. But first with a baby outside to take care of. I'm so giddy about it! I'm glad we celebrate us. We deserve to be celebrated. Can I admit that? I....yeah....I can.

4) I'm doing Arbonne's 7-day cleanse next week to help support my kidneys and get rid of the toxins. We're working on eating "clean" here at Bakertown. I'll let you know how it goes! I've been told there are no stimulants, so hopefully we can avoid the potty talk, although, y'all know I love poop humor.

5) I am ashamed to admit that Demi Lovatos "Heart Attack" has been on repeat this morning. But Y'ALL! She's got such a killer voice! N. says "Yeah, but it's so autotuned....bleh bleh." What do you think?

xo and happy Friday!



  1. I loved that book! Book suggestion: I just read "The fault in our stars" and it was amazing (cried the whole time, but amazing nonetheless)

  2. gah! ok. cry, like good cry? or bad cry?

  3. 1) Amazing book! I don't know if you've seen Midnight in Paris, or if you're a Woody Allen fan, but that I adore the concepts in that film.
    2) That is the perfect color of iced coffee. Mcdonald's always over does mine and makes it look like vanilla ice cream. UNACCEPTABLE!
    3) Do something fun and pamper yourself
    4) Keep me posted on the cleanse. I've been looking for one that won't make me feel terrible.
    5) I love that song. To be honest, I love her in general. Her story, her voice, all of it. Stephen gives me a hard time about that as well;p