Tuesday, May 7, 2013

dear Simon


I'm sitting at the dining room table, eating a tomato sandwich on GF bread. You and I eat our first lunch around now, then another around 1pm or 2pm. I wish I could tell you what your favorite foods are, but the truth is that you'll eat anything...in copious amounts. You are, after all, a Baker.

You're playing in your pack 'n play. That is to say, you've stood up and are chewing on the guardrail. You're saying "Dum, dum, dum, " which means "yum, yum, yum," because you can see that I'm eating food.

You change so fast. Your daddy and I can hardly keep up. We both left for a few days, and when we came back your were pulling up on furniture, acting like you're ready to walk any day. That's not fair!

Daddy and I spend a lot of time watching you. We love that anything you are doing at any given moment is the absolute most important thing you'll do that day. Anything you're "saying" is intentional and animated. You like to smile and talk to anyone. Really, anyone.

You're pretty much happy all the time, until you get sleepy. Then you get downright fussy. Daddy says "He's got on his fussy pants!"

So far, you've kept your blue eyes and red hair. Golly. I hope you keep them both. I never imagined you'd look like you do! It's fun to discover new things about the way God made you. He is creative. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Now, you're trying to eat the paper towels out of the trash can, and you're saying "Uh Oh" (which sounds like "Uh-mm" the way you say it.) Life with a mobile baby sure is an adventure.

Love you, baby.


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