Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm a label-reader

My mom always thought it was funny/strange the way I would read cereal labels at the breakfast table. My family would be talking about normal things, and I'd be studying what my Cheerios were made of. I like reading anything, really, but food labels especially fascinated me.

I've always read labels on the foods I ate. Sure, I'd allow myself the occasional pop tart and the more occasional McDonalds' french fries (it IS for freedom that Christ set us free, am I right?...I jest) but for the most part, I'm conscious about what I put in my body: is it beneficial? Is it real food? What will these daily choices have done to help or hurt my body in thirty years?

My favorite foods are the ones without labels, in fact. Avocados are probably my very favorite food. 

It was only recently that it dawned on me to check the labels for the products that I use every day on my skin and hair. Skin--our largest organ. Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for our bodies to absorb what we put on our skin?

So I started checking my labels, and I didn't like what I found:

Mineral oil, parabens, aluminum, sodium laureth sulfate. You name it. Some of these ingredients are so toxic that it's illegal to dispose of them, so they're sold on the cheap to cosmetics companies to use as fillers instead.


So, I made a switch to a Swiss-formulated cosmetic, skincare and health + wellness company with much higher standards and botanically-based ingredients: Arbonne.

I became so passionate about what I'd learned about the company and the products that I wanted to tell everyone I knew. So I did. And then I decided to join the company myself.

So, last month, I started my own business with Arbonne. And it's been a fun, educational and enlightening journey.  I have to keep myself from talking about it 100% of the time or I'd lose all my friends. I think it's supposed to be that way, though, when you're passionate about something.

I'll be doing a post, soon, of my "can't-live-withouts" from Arbonne. Until then, PLEASE email or message me if you'd like to know more!

hugs and health!




  1. Um I absolutely would like to know more. I need a really good all-purpose moisturizer. (And possibly other things if I can afford to throw away and restock my bathroom cabinets.) I'm so careful about my food, but I always forget about topical things...

    1. OK, Heather. I'm messaging you know. I know, it's just not something I ever really thought about before!

    2. Oops! Messaging you *now :)

  2. Avocados are my absolute favorite thing to eat!!!I've been drinking a protein shake every morning, so I'm really curious about the protein powder. What is the difference between your typical whey protein from the grocery store and arbonne's? How many servings are in a bag?

  3. They're the perfect food! We don't use whey (dairy) or soy in our protein powder. We use vegan protein from brown rice, pea and cranberries. It's much easier to metabolize and digest. And it's 20g/protein per serving! I believe the bag says there are 30 servings per bag. It's about a 3lb bag, so it really depends on how much mix you use at one time. I stretch it closer to 45-50 servings because I use one scoop or one and a half of powder, add peanut butter, cold almond milk and banana and it fills me up until lunch!

  4. Wow! That's pretty awesome! Currently, I use one scoop of the whey protein, 8 oz. of unsweetened almond milk, and pb2(which is my new peanut butter obsession with 85% of the fat calories). That's pretty close to your recipe! I think I want to make the switch over to arbonne... when I get some money together lol. How do I go about ordering from you?

  5. YAY Arbonne!! Arbonne is also a Christian company, and I feel so good about using their products. The great thing about some of their products is not just that they aren't bad for you, but they can actually heal your body. The protein shakes and fizz sticks are two examples of products that really heal your digestive system and balance your hormones. Crazy, right?!