Tuesday, February 19, 2013

an announcement

Simon is going to be a big brother!

Just kidding.

Is it just me for does anyone else jump to the "she's pregnant" conclusion anytime they hear the word "announcement"??

But really, something I've been meaning to do for a while now is finally in the works.

Starting tomorrow, I'm changing the name of the blog!

Explaining "the Baker-y" has become more of a challenge than it is fun, and I believe in fun, so...

a name change it is!

I was able to work with some sweet and talented friends over the weekend who helped me put words and reality to something I've been envisioning for some time!

I've got some other goals for the blog, like categorizing my posts into, well, categories. Ha.

I also want to be much better about responding to each and every comment. It always means so freaking much to me when you all take the time to write. And I want to write back. Except to the poop-tastic Anonymouses(?) of the world. I'm down for a difference of opinion but if you call me a "self-righteous B$%^&*" and admit that you've never actually met me in real life, then you'll politely be disposed of and forgotten.

I digress,

I'd also love to post more regularly and more vulnerably. Is that a word? I got so stinking much encouragement and feedback from y'all when I wrote the post on my anxiety, I'd love to be able to open up more about things that we might all be struggling with.

I really and truly love you guys. I never thought my blog would be read by anyone other than my mom,  obligated hubs and the occasional Facebook friend. If you have any suggestions for this new endeavor, then please let me know!




  1. every time I told someone about my decision to stay home full-time and started it by saying "i have news!" they immediately looked down at my stomach and asked if we were having another baby. oi vey!

  2. Hey Brett!

    If you're open to suggestions and if you're having a web person help you, there's a couple things that could make your blog more user-friendly. I would maybe expand the blog to a wider width, and maybe browse some free blog templates. This can help you with setting up categories, formatting pics, and etc. If you have any questions feel free to email me :) helensta@gmail.com

    your blog is my FERVRITE!

  3. Keep it up! I read each post knowing that I can take away something from what you share. You have a wonderful gift, Brett! Thank you for the inspiration & encouragement that you beautifully deliver through this blog.

  4. Hello!
    I've been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented, and I thought this post was a good time to say hello! I think I came across your blog through a link on BlogHer, and now I regularly come back to see if you've updated. :)
    I think my favourite kind of blogs are the ones where people just post about everyday kinds of things, and what they've been up to (like yours!). I suppose it's sort of comforting in a way - seeing how other people cope with the world and knowing we all face the same kinds of things!
    Annnyway, just thought I'd make my presence known! *waves from Scotland*