Monday, January 28, 2013

things I'd like to teach my son

Before I knew Simon was a boy, I did a little blog post on things I'd like to teach a daughter.

I felt pretty comfortable writing a post like that for girls, because I grew up with two little sisters.

Boys were a different story for me.

But now that I have one, I'd really like to start thinking about things that I would like to teach him. Here are a few that I've thought up. Most of them are things I'd teach a daughter, too, I think.  But anyway...

What do you want to teach your sons?

-You don't have to play a sport, but you do have to do something. And playing video games on the couch all day doesn't count as "something".

-Your daddy is a great role model. Ask him how he got to be such a good man, and listen to what he says.

-You'll never regret reading and learning your Bible. I certainly never have.

-Be a good sport.

-If you go to your friend's house for dinner, you better eat what they make you and say "thank you" at the end. Unless you have an allergy. If it comes to that, we'll talk.

-In the same spirit as #1: Read books. It doesn't have to be Tolstoy, but it does have to be something.

-Forgive Mama if she absolutely freaks out at the frogs you may or may not bring home. I completely despise them, but I want you to learn and explore the outdoors to your heart's content.

-The pee pee goes in the potty. And the poop does, too.*

*Your two oldest boy cousins made sure I learned this when I babysat them one day.

-You make me proud, every day. 


  1. great thoughts, Brett! if i ever have a boy, I'm going to refer to this letter, as well:

  2. Oh, Summer. How beautiful. I could read it again and again. I do hope you have a son one day. Every one should ready this!