Wednesday, January 9, 2013

happy anniversary, n!

We didn't see each other before I walked down the aisle, but we held hands and said "hi!" N. cried the whole time. He has a tender heart, which I love most about him.


I like waking up next to you. You always smell good, no matter what. I like putting my face in your armpit, because it always smells like your deodorant.

I liked waking up next to you this morning, because it's our anniversary and I knew you would say,

"Happy Annibersereeeee, Baydeeeees!" in our language. You did.

I love our language. I think we make up a new word every week. Three years has given us a lot of time to create nicknames and catch phrases. That's probably one of my favorite things about being married to you, moochiekans.

I hear you upstairs right now. You're getting ready for work. You're going to be a little bit late because we spent the morning eating Gearhart's Chocolates, drinking coffee and watching a documentary about indie video gamers. We like watching tv and movies together, but nothing sucks us in like a good documentary. I think that probably makes us nerds. But we don't care. We also love to build nanoblocks which definitely makes us nerds, but we definitely don't care.

I love living life with you.

Happy Anniversary, seebies.


ps. you can watch our rehearsal dinner video here if you want to!
pps. and here's our wedding video, too!

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  1. Brett-i just want to say that when i saw your wedding video (once you posted it on fb) i regret every single day of my life not getting someone to video our wedding. It is by far one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I'll be honest-I cry every time I watch it. Treasure it because you can literally relive the most special day ever.