Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dear Simon,

You are six months old today.

You're trying very hard to learn to sit up. You are wobbly, and you have to use your chubby little hands to help hold you up, but boy are you close.

I'm so proud to be your mom. And let me tell you what: I'd still be proud to be your mom if you never learned to sit up on your own. 

You can't earn or lose my love.

There's a song by Sara Groves that I sing to you sometimes (only sometimes, because most of the time I can't get through without crying); my favorite part goes like this, 

"You will lose your baby teeth, 
At times you'll lose your faith in me. 
You will lose a lot of things, 
but you cannot lose my love." 

Your daddy loves playing with you and making you giggle. He loves putting your feet in your mouth because you think it's really funny. You two are a really cute pair. I love my guys. 

Even though your dad and I would do just about anything to make you laugh, you have decided that the dog is the most entertaining member of the family. When Turk jumps up to grab a treat from the air, you can hardly catch your breath because you laugh so hard. 

You absolutely love sucking on your thumb. You sucked your thumb so raw that it bled. I had to wrap your hand in a blanket and rock you to sleep with a paci in your mouth. You hated it. I hated it. 

These past six months have brought me so much joy, Simon. Every single night when I lay you down, I thank God for you. Only He could have thought up such a wonderful gift. 



ps. I took this video of you today. I'm not sure what was so funny, but it sure made my whole day.


  1. I just need you to know that I have several friends with babies and often I mostly see their struggles and not enough of their joy. I love that you allow us not-yet-mothers (in my situation, newlywed and fearful of getting pregnant) to see both sides. The love and joy you reflect for motherhood gives me real hope that I don't always get elsewhere. It's a small redemption from fear happening every time I read your blog posts :)

    1. Agree 100%! As a woman who is trying to get pregnant... (for over a year, ugh) it's hard to only ever hear/read about the negative aspects of parenthood. I know many mamas are just venting, but it's nice to know that in the end, it's all worth it!

  2. Oh my gosh. He is adorable. Thanks for the video! Next video should be Turk jumping and him laughing. Would love to see that:) Gosh, what a cutie.