Friday, January 25, 2013

baby Hayley

My middle sister and I call our youngest sister "the baby"; although her real name is Hayley.

We protested when she went to her first prom, because after all, she was "just a baby."

The same thing happened when she got her license, her boyfriend and when she graduated from high school [ON TUESDAY!!]

I mean seriously, people, would YOU ever want this baby to grow up??

I am almost seven years older than Hayley is, so I did mother her a bit growing up.

I would make her rice cereal, feed it to her and change her diaper before I even got on the bus in the morning.

She's just a baby.

But as of Wednesday, she's interning at the State Capitol with the General Assembly.

Wait. What?

You read correctly.

I hear it's the first time in history they've let a baby intern. Lucky them. She's the prettiest and smartest and cutest baby:


I'm so proud of you, baby Hayley. You are going to go so many wonderful places and do so many life-changing things. I'm glad I get to be a part of this sweetastic life you live!


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