Tuesday, November 27, 2012

small things

We've recently gotten a Trader Joe's in Charlottesville, meaning I'm sitting in my breakfast nook at 11:36 am having just hoovered a tub of pecan cranberry chicken salad and pita chips.

I am easily delighted by the small things in life.

Like yesterday, when N took off work and tried out his new golf clubs at the driving range. We went with him. Simon napped in the stroller next to the club cleaner while I sat on the itchy faux grass turfy stuff and ate almonds. It was so simple. But I was so happy.

Or the fact that I got a manicure on Saturday and have managed to only ruin one nail so far.

Or that yesterday when I looked at myself in the mirror and exclaimed, "Mama look a mess!" Simon burst into his first fit of giggles.

Or that we're double digit days away from the next season premier of Downton Abbey

Or that I recently discovered that I'm not the only holly-hobby mother who cuts holes in her baby's bottle nipples instead of going out to buy new ones.

Tack on to that the prospect of snow and the giddy feeling of Christmas sneaking up on us, I am one happy woman.

I know it's cliche, but I love this time of year. Love, love, love. Again, it's the little things.

N. always plays the Home Alone soundtrack and gets all nostalgic.

Turk always steals and chews on the exact same Santa ornament off the Christmas tree.

Red Starbucks cups.

Cozy jammies and waking up in the morning with a cold nose.

What are your favorite little things about this time of year?




  1. The first red Starbucks cup I saw this year literally made me smile from ear to ear! Not only because I love peppermint mochas, but also because it's a sure sign that CHRISTMAS is soon!

  2. Love Downton Abbey. Love the Home Alone soundtrack!