Monday, October 15, 2012

the death of cool

I came downstairs on Friday morning after putting S. down for his first nap and N. was playing Chopin on the ear. He was dressed in a button down, blazer and jeans and had made a pot of coffee.

Sometimes I just shake my head and think this guy is way too cool for me.

He got up, handed me my mug (which he had already poured, so it wouldn't be too thoughtful) and sat coolly in the rocking chair to catch up on his fantasy football line up on his phone.

I fiddled in the kitchen, chatting about how I love Friday and how we should go get mexican and margs that night and how the weather was going to be so perfect and on and on and on. N. was ignoring me, probably because I was rambling about nothing important.

I noticed him staring at his iPhone intently and got agitated, for some reason,  that he hadn't answered me about mexican that night.  

I stood in front of N. staring at him, trying to decide how I could possibly divert attention from his football stats. Any normal wife would probably try doing something sexy or maybe even just grab the darn phone.

I said,

"Excuse me, baby."

"Excuuuuuuse meeeeee." (in a really high-pitched voice for added annoyance)

He must have known that I would do something extra un-cool and obnoxious, because he caught my final attempt on video with his phone:


Why, people? WHY AM I SO UNCOOL? 

For starters, the outfit. Who wears bright blue umbros anymore? This loser.

Secondly, why the moonwalk?? I don't even understand the ideas that go through my mind.

Lastly, why did it take me until the END of my performance to realize he was taping me?

N. basically had tears streaming down his face, probably because he now has video evidence of the nutcase that he's bound to for life. 

This is probably one of the more embarrassing posts that I've put up here, but since this is what truly goes on at Bakertown, I figured...why the heck not?

Happy Monday, folks. 




  1. I think that's one of the best ways I've heard to distract your husband! Great job finding something effective. The sexy act wears off eventually but spontaneous random acts keep everyone on their toes! Keep up your un-coolness, he loves you for it!

  2. i LOVE this. and i love that you are a real gal who likes to have fun. bless that sweet hubbs of yours for appreciating your crazy. :) xo

  3. SOO funny. And Kyle and I just love Nathaniel's laugh. It's a good laugh. You can kind of hear him at the end of your performance:)

  4. I was in Cville yesterday and actually considered trying to get in touch with you to see if I could stop by and say hi! Total blog stalker/friend crush/weirdo style. Didn't want to creep you out!

    P.S. LOVE me some mexican & margs.