Monday, October 1, 2012

love in the time of newborn-dom

N. and I went to a wedding this weekend. I love weddings, especially this one. The groom is N's best friend who just so happened to create--from scratch-- my blog logo. His stunning bride is a sweet, smart, southern gem of a woman, who took me to get a pedicure when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I thought of her when I was pushing Simon out, because I could see my teal toe nail polish.

I digress.

N. and I discovered the adventure of traveling and sharing a small hotel room with a 10-week old. We're not used to sharing a room with Simon. After co-sleeping with him in a bassinet for the first week, we decided he was much too squeaky for our new bionic parent ears, and we moved him into his own room.

Said bionic ears caused us to be awoken at 3:48am to Simon's "chirping" (this is what we call noise-making that is not actually a sign of being awake but rather a squirming, trying-to-get-comfortable-I'll go-right-back-to-sleep). We typically don't hear this chirping since he's in his own room but since he was sleeping on the dresser at the foot of our [oh so cozy Hampton Inn] bed, we heard him this time.

As expected, Simon chirped and drifted off back to sleep.

N. and I were both half-awake and needed to use the bathroom. We decided to forgo turning on the lights for fear of waking the sleeping giant and so we shuffled and felt our way to the bathroom. N. went first, stood up and I scooted around him. We then both paused and simultaneously went in to hug one another. We hugged for about a half minute then carried on. This whole interaction was wordless and sleepy,

but for some reason romantic.

Romance in the time of newborn-dom is kind of like sleep--take it when you can.

N. is so good about stealing those moments.

Sometimes, when Simon wakes up in the morning, N. will grab me before I have the chance to roll out of bed and start the day.

I love this. I'm not "just a mom" to him. He still wants me as a wife. He still grabs my butt and tells me I'm pretty and wants to hang out with me. He still pursues me when I feel like I'm just a boob that nurses all the time.

I'm blessed. Really blessed.



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  1. Sweet post <3 I totally know what you mean about how a hug can mean so much now.

    We have our first hotel stay this weekend too!