Wednesday, October 31, 2012

dear simon

Dear Simon,

You are a delight. Most of the time. Between the hours of 6pm and 7pm, you are not always so delightful.

I love your grumpy faces. They're still so cute. I also love your fake cry, because it's so obvious. When you fake cry, all we have to do is sing "The Wheels on the Bus" to you, and you stop. 

You're a happier baby now than those first two months. You're happy most of the time, now, actually. I think it's because I finally started following my instinct and started feeding you more often (every two hours), which made your pediatrician's jaw drop, along with everyone else who asks how often you eat. You're a big, hungry boy, and--like your daddy--you're much happier with a full belly.

You love to sleep. I'm so thankful for that. One time, I put you in your crib to grab some clothes to dress you for the day, and you fell asleep before I got back:

You rarely wake up for nighttime feedings anymore. When you do, you can't even stay awake for it. One of your dad and my favorite things is to go get you in the morning when you wake up. 


I am doing much better now than I was. I'm no longer obsessing over your health and safety. I'm not having those "what have I gotten myself into?" moments anymore. (For the time being, at least....) They say, "When a baby is born, so is a mother." How true. We both had to get used to this new world. And, for now, we both have.

I love getting to know you better each day. I'm learning that you're social. You like looking at faces and "talking" to anyone who will listen. You didn't really have a choice in that. Your dad and I are both pretty social, too. 

When you're not "talking" or sleeping, you're usually sucking on your thumb. When we go to the grocery store, most people who comment on you say the same two things: they love your big blue eyes and they note how you go to town on that thumb. 

I can't explain with words how much I love you, Simon. It almost hurts! Today is your first Halloween, and tonight your dad and I are dressing you up like a pea. One day, that will embarrass you, but today, you don't know what that means, so I've got to take advantage of it while I can.



  1. babe simon's legs are so long! what a precious belly :)

  2. Big boys with big daddies have big appetites! :)

  3. It is SO fun that you have pictures or a video to accompany your thoughts.
    Some parts of motherhood are a pain but most are joyful and I like how you express your joy with a variety of detail and "big picture" ideas.
    You rock as a mom!