Thursday, October 4, 2012

confessions of a new mom

I'm so blessed to have women in my life who are also new mamas.

My standard for decadence has changed quite a bit; instead of my old favorite mani/pedi/latte time, my new favorite thing is to sit with new mamas and talk about baby constipation and sore nipples and sleep schedules and the absurdly holly-hobby routines we concoct to get the babies to sleep.

What I love about these relationships is the honesty that bubbles up when we're sitting cross legged on the couch in our yoga pants while attempting to talk over the squeaky, fussy babes.

It's a safe place. And it makes me feel like I'm not alone. I thought I'd share some of my latest realizations and confessions here, in case there are other Mamas out there who need to hear them.

1) I don't really like nursing. Gasp. It's not that I hate it. I mean, I love that it's so good for my baby's health. I love that it's free. I love that it's portable. But I get soooo tired of disrobing 7-12 times a day. It's soggy and leaky and smells weird if I don't change my breast pads two or three times a day. Breast pads--that's another thing I can't stand. Seriously, it's like putting menstrual pads in my bra. There's hardly anything less sexy. Then there's the fact that, for some reason, I cannot, for the LIFE of me, nurse in public using those nursing cover doo-dads. It's like trying to keep a bull behind a paper towel, all the while being half-naked.

which leads me to:

2) When I'm at home, I pump before a feeding. S. takes a bottle so much better. It's faster. It's cleaner. It's efficient. And I get to keep my clothes on.

3) I sometimes change Simon's outfit even when I don't need to. S. has so many cute clothes and I have this weird fear that he'll grow out of them before I get a chance to put them in all of them. I usually put him in some cute jammies for the morning then "real" clothes in the afternoon.

4) I consider it a "fancy" day if I blow dry my hair

5) Instead of "sleeping when the baby sleeps," I read. Or Pinterest. Or clean. Or re-heat my coffee for the billionth time. I like doing things when Simon sleeps, because when he's awake my hands are usually tied up.

6) I put baby powder in S's diaper every night so that his pee absorbs better and I don't have to change him when he wakes up for his 3am feeding.

7) I basically consume the same things every day: hummus, carrots, coffee, ice cubes, peanut butter, cheese. I find living on a budget to be a fun challenge. I love seeing how little I can spend. Last week I ate peanut butter and jelly for breakfast and lunch three days in a row.

8) I watch Live with Kelly and Michael every single morning. It's my routine. I clean the kitchen on commercial breaks.

9) I love being at home and I don't really mind being by myself, either. This is a weird one to admit, because it might make me seem lazy and simple and unmotivated. I don't know why, but I like "keeping house" and I find it incredibly satisfying to welcome N. home to a cooked meal, a clean house  and a healthy baby. I feel absurdly blessed to be able to stay home.

10) I don't have S. on a schedule. Well, kinda I do. He wakes up, eats, "plays" for about an hour, then I put him down and this repeats throughout the day. But he goes to bed anywhere from 9-10:30pm and while his naps usually take place in his crib, they also happen in the carseat, on his activity mat, in his bouncer, etc. I've always admired those who can create and stick to a firm schedule, but I'm too spastic and spur-of-the-moment.

What are your confessions, Mamas? Tell me I'm not alone!




  1. I'm with you 100% on numbers one and two. My baby also gets frustrated with nursing, so I usually pump before feelings about 99% of the time. As for your number ten, our schedule so far is whatever schedule he decides for that day. I'm not too worried about it ... Yet. But ill confess that I'm worried about it for the future.
    While you worry about the cute clothes I'm worried about his diaper size. When will he need the next size up? What size should I be buying? Ugh..

  2. Your line about the bull behind the paper towel killed me... so true, especially with boys!

  3. Love these :)

    I am part of a mother's group - Cville Mamas - on Facebook. Let me know if you want me to add you (maybe you already are?) I love getting together with moms too - so much to discuss!!

  4. Nursing in public is always a challenge. I was blessed to have a good, calm eater in Gabriel, but Hallie was/is a wiggle worm, so I completely get it. With Hallie, I actually discovered a secret (which maybe isn't that big of a secret but to me it was like WOW, THIS IS EASY NOW).

    CAMISOLES. Seriously. I found these amazing ones at Costco which are long and stretchy and SUPER comfortable. You can pull your top shirt up and the cami down, so you don't feel like you're half naked. Makes it easier if you suddenly have to cover up when the cute little "bull" decides to flail around and pull the curtain off. :)