Thursday, July 26, 2012

being a new mom is

-writing an entire blog post solely using bullet-points

-because new moms think in bullet points

-it's getting pee in my hair after I've taken my first shower in four days

-it's finally getting a second to take a nap when Simon hiccups and wakes himself up

-it's staring into Simon's eyes at 3am and crying because I love him so much, even at 3am

-it's crying at 3am because I've been awoken at 12am, 1am and 2am already

-it's buying a bra that's says "36E" and only halfway believing that it's really happening

-it's kissing and smelling and kissing and smelling Simon's cheeks over and over again because it doesn't get old

-it's crying because I've run out of coconut water and I don't know how to grocery shop with a newborn in a carseat

-it's taken what I consider "me time" to a whole new level: getting to sit on my stitch bath and change my pads in peace and quiet

-it's doing EVERYTHING with one hand

-it's conflicting: at moments feeling overjoyed, at moments feeling trapped

-two words: stool softener

-it's wondering what the hell I've gotten myself into

-it's wondering how I ever lived before meeting this little guy

-it's taking three hours to write this post, because of needing to nurse, change, burp and rock this little bundle, and then needing to start over again

-it's turning to mush over the absolute smallest things: a yawn, a bellybutton, a gummy little mouth.




  1. So much joy! Have you had a chance to read Babywise yet? Highly recommended to stop those 12 a.m., 1 a.m. 2 a.m. 3 a.m. wakings ;)

    1. I think we're going to try and do a less stringent Babywise. That particular night was frustrating because Simon kept getting too much milk and choking. I called the pediatrician and he helped give me tips on nursing so Simon doesn't get overwhelmed by the let down. Since then, we've been fairly Babywise successful! :) THank you!

  2. is it creepy to save this picture in my inspirational images folder? or to bookmark this post?

    1. ohemgee please do. i--i mean simon--would be so flattered.

  3. Whether you're a new mom or an old mom (like I am) it sometimes means smiling and crying at the same time (like I am doing right now!). Brett you have already nailed one of the most intense emotions of motherhood....conflicting thoughts and feelings at any given time. PLEASE continue to blog for your sake and for the sake of your readers. Your raw and honest words helps us all.

  4. (And PS. You're doing great!!)

    1. Thanks, Kath! I've been enjoying your blog, too. I hope these last few weeks are treating you well. You'll be SO THANKFUL to have Jen during your labor (she tells me that she's your doula!). Honestly, I cry thinking about how amazing she was. I couldn't have done it without her.

  5. Congratulations, Brett, he is truly perfect! I read these bullets, nodding my head with each one (except the 36E one. I never got past a C while breastfeeding! >.<). My youngest is almost 4 and we're finally out of the baby stage. It's bittersweet. Enjoy it while it lasts, and for those moments when you hate it, remind yourself it's not forever. Congrats to you and Nathaniel. <3

  6. So true to every statement. It all gets about 95% better once they sleep through the night. Until then know that your not alone. We have all been there. I think for me the hardest part was realizing there is not a set formula to every kid. They are all different and yet learning your new little person is one of the greatest things you'll ever experience.