Tuesday, June 26, 2012

inside the brain of a pregnant woman in late june

I'll be full-term on Saturday. Full-term: meaning, I should have this baby soon. And Lordy, Lordy do I feel like it.

At my last doc's appointment, I had my underwear on inside out. Could I tell? No. I can't see my underwear once it leaves the drawer and gets past my ankles. When I look down, I see my protruding navel. No, really. At this point, my once-inny bellybutton is not only flat, but poking OUT. This child has hardly any room left. I also had my tank top on inside out. I had to laugh so I didn't cry at my complete loss of control at this point.

My thought life is as unpredictable as my wardrobe malfunctions. At any given time, I can find myself thinking these things:

-I have to pee.  No. That's the baby's head in between my legs. No, yes...I need to pee. Maybe I don't. Yes I do.
-I would like some cantaloupe with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on it.
-I don't care how badly it hurts or how many stitches I need afterward, I gotta get this baby out and I gotta get it out asap.
-Oh my gosh, these clothes are so small! (Followed, usually, by tears).
-I am so huge and disgusting and huge.  (Followed, usually, by a Google search about how much weight I'll lose immediately having a baby...Followed, usually, by an overwhelming feeling of guilt that I care about such a thing when I've been given such a blessed gift.)
-I can't believe this is happening to me. I am so blessed. Am I going to be an OK mom? What if I'm only mediocre? Should I make my own baby food? Is his mattress firm enough? I wonder just HOW cone-shaped his head will be?
-Thank you, Jesus, for this gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-I would like to eat a soggy piece of pizza.
-I just love N. so much. He's going to be such a good dad. He's so nice to me. Why is he so nice?

There you have it, people. The overwhelmingly unpredictable hormonal thoughts of a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy in June.

Let's do this.



  1. hahaha I just love reading your pregnancy updates Brett! Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I have tears in my eyes...and sometimes both at the same time ;) I am just so happy for you both! Can't believe it's almost time!! :)

  2. Don't stress about the weight! You look great (Really). Also, a piece of advice (from a labor & delivery nurse) Try (hard) not to weigh yourself immediately after delivering, wait at least 2 weeks. It is totally normal to retain water weight afterwards and your milk is starting to come in at the same time. I've seen too many ladies get on the scale the next day and feel craptastic about it. If you wait, you will be so much more pleasantly surprised!