Tuesday, June 19, 2012

bump explosion and other pregnancy updates that you may or may not care about

The end of this pregnancy has drained every last ounce of creative juice from me. That's why I haven't been writing, my friends. I keep telling myself that I'm sparing you--"quality over quantity" or something like that. In reality--I'm just so darn TIRED when I get home from work--20 extra pounds and ninety degree heat will do that to a gal. Oh, and a stressful job. That'll do it, too. When I do get one of those enviable bursts of nesting energy, I can't seem to pull myself away from working in the nursery. I fold little clothes, stock little diapers (after I smell them...why do they smell so cute?!) and rearrange little toys. Nesting is like taking Adderall, except allowable. Last night, I rearranged the boy's entire room, because I felt like the "energy" wasn't right. Since when do I care about energies?

It's been such a blessed nine months. Truly--I couldn't have asked for anything more. I've slept well, I haven't had swelling, I've passed all those little tests they make you take, my back hasn't hurt [until now...]. I haven't been constipated. That one's a complete lie. OK, so I've dealt with the unavoidable woes but I always think

Man, what a small and temporary price to pay.

At this point in his development, the little guy is just about cooked. Now he's just adding fat and weight, as evidenced by this photo, which I just took of myself:

My sister, Hayley, and I went out to dinner the other night, and as I waddled past a couple outside of the restaurant, a lady said, 

"Would ya look at that bump?"

My sister replied, 

"Bump? That thing's a MOUNTAIN!"

Sisters: bringing one another back to reality since the beginning of time. 

Ah, well. 

I'm not sure why they're called "bumps" anyway.

Love y'all. If you made it through this oh-so quintessential pregnancy post, then bravo!




  1. Ha ha, your sister! Gotta love how honest they are :) I think you look amazing and LOVE the bump!

  2. love. can't wait to meet baby baker.

    also, nursery pics?