Tuesday, May 29, 2012

when it rains, it pours

I think they call them "showers" because you're supposed to feel showered with love and gifts and good advice and all of that. If that truly is the reason behind the name, then I got dumped on at my first baby shower. I felt so very blessed by the shower that my sweet friends from Portico gave for me.

They thought of every little detail. The hostess even made the table runner for the shower! Thank you, friends, for a beautiful time. I'm so blessed that my son will grow up knowing such loving community! And thank you, Kiki, for taking such beautiful pictures of everything!

the shower favors, made by lolly

my mom and sisters came!

two of the cutest guests 

the quilt that my mama gave to baby boy!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt! Can't wait to hear Simon that has arrived!