Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a toast for my mom

My mom turned 50 on March 5th. We threw her a party for close friends and family, and I wrote her this toast. I want the whole world to know how wonderful she is!

I had an OB appointment yesterday afternoon.

In the waiting room, I sat next to a young mom and her baby son, who must have been a few months old. He was wearing a t-shirt with tools on it and she held him so he was seated on her lap, facing her. I watched the baby as she talked to him and kissed him and fixed the hat on his head. Everything she did, he smiled at it. When she talked to him, he giggled. She put him in his carrier so she could sign some paperwork, and the whole time, he craned his little head to find her.

I said to the mom, "He really admires you."

She smiled and said, "He doesn't always show it!"

It made me think of you, Mom, and how that admiration changes shape over the years. I certainly don't crane my head from a carseat carrier anymore, but you're the first person I call when I need to know:

how long to do you hard boil an egg?

do babies really need nail clippers?

should I put blonde highlights in my hair?

I admire you every day. In the every day.

I would guarantee that everyone in this room admires you in different ways.

Because you are the kind of woman who does the right thing.

The kind of woman who lives biblically.

The kind of woman who has found the perfect balance of knowing what you deserve and still having a humble heart.

The kind of woman who makes the day to day more fun.

Like how you call pop tarts "poop tarts," feet are "tootsies," and someone taking their time to finish a task is guilty of "pussyfootin'"

I admire you, mom. We all do. Here's to 50 more years of admiring Robin.


  1. So sweet. Happy belated birthday, Brett's Mom!

  2. I love this Brett... and I know your mom does too!

    Your mom's twin, cuz' Kim