Thursday, March 8, 2012

boys, girls and secret names

Only 11 days until we get to find out if Baby Baker is a Baker boy or Baker girl. 

I am impressed by and happy for folks (lots of my friends do!) who wait. It must be the greatest surprise ever! I am thinking that I'll be surprised enough when a human being passes through my hoo-ha to come into the world, so we're finding out. Also, I already have color palettes picked out for the nursery and bookmarked on my browser.....control issues? Mayhaps. 

It will be the first time I get to see the babe. Since I'm not high-risk, my doctor hasn't given me one yet so far. I can hardly contain myself. I want to see everything--its little feetums and nose, its little bum. I just know I'll cry.....everything makes me cry these days. Today my dog laid down on the grass in the sun and looked up at me like, "This is great" and I cried. Lord, help me!

I think about names a lot. I have ideas. We have ideas. We bounce the same ones around all the time, pairing them with different middle names. 

I've always wondered why people are so secretive about their names. I used to think we're gonna find out as soon as its born, anyway. I'm also way too much of an open book about everything else in life, so I figured, why not?

So, we started telling people our name ideas, and now I understand. 

Opinions, opinions, opinions. Obnoxious ones for the most part. Like, 

You can't name it that. It will get beat up.
That's so old-fashioned. Are you sure?

And I feel like saying, 
Oh, I'm sorry. Is this your child that I've been cooking for the past 5 months? 

And with that, I would like to admit to the whole world that I was wrong when I thought people were weird for keeping their names a secret. I am going to be a name secret keeper. Because, for the record, we made this kid, and by golly, we're gonna name it what we want whether you like it or not! Hmph!

Stepping down off of that box, I'm freaking excited. I feel blessed. Like, really blessed. I know that there are women in the world who are having trouble getting pregnant right now. Some of them are even my friends. So even though I'm constipated and hormonal and achy and I have hairs on my belly, I consider it pure joy. I pray every day that God doesn't let me forget how blessed I am to be growing this person.



  1. We shared the names with no issue. As long as you say it's the name, people won't argue, whether it's before he/she is born or after. It's when you say you are considering or give options that people think they can have an opinion about it. And it is really fun to know and call your baby by name long before he/she is born! It makes it so much more real and personal. Plus, selfishly, I want to know that little baby's name! :)

  2. My husband and I shared our names with everyone and we dealt with obnoxious opinions. It becomes especially annoying when we were faced with obnoxious opinions from people that hadn't seemed to follow their suggestions for their own children. In the end we named our daughter the ugly name that made our families crazy because it's what we liked. She's now 8 months old and Temperance suits her very well. So go with your heart and ignore the negativity because that's your baby and you're it's mommy. There are only two people with say over that precious life! (guess what, it's mommy and daddy not the doom sayer that hates the name you picked.)

  3. Wait. Weren't you the ones that said if we named our baby Ocean, she would be a pot smoker when she grew up? Weren't you the ones that said if we named our baby Veilos, he would be like a Johnny Depp impersonator when he grew up? Wait, weren't we the ones who thought up some crazy names and then shared them because it was kinda fun to see people's reactions or attempts to try to not react out of respect even though we could see they thought our names were ridiculous? When you shared with me you wanted to name your child Marcus Aurelius, I thought that was over the top. Just wanted to let you know. Ok fine. You never said that. I'm just saying. If you were going to name your child Marcus Aurelius, I would tell you I thought it was over the top. But I would love the heck out of hims anyhow! And for real, when you said you liked Jedidiah, it really helped me like the name Jedidiah too. Love to your hoo-ha!