Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day at the Baker-y

Y'all. I don't love Valentine's Day. Call me a grump or a dud or whatever, but it feels so ....corporate.

Don't get me wrong, if N. had showed up to my office with lilies and two plane tickets to Paris, I would have swooned.

But I was just as happy with the way my V-day actually turned out:

I got home at 7:15pm from a yoga class. I was sticky, smelled like moldy gym cheese, had my glasses on crooked and my hair up in a ponytail. I hurriedly dressed in the locker room after class and accidently left my sports bra(s) on so they peeped right out of my striped boatneck top. Hot.

When I walked through the door, my just-what-I-actually-needed Valentine's Day dream came true:

-there was chinese take out in styrofoam boxes sitting prettily on TV trays, complete with votive candles lit throughout the room.

-Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" was blaring through the speakers and my dear, sweet, cute, handsome, oh-so-tall husband had choreographed a dance, which he proceeded to perform in our family room, kitchen and foyer.

I've never loved anyone so much in my life.

Happy Valentine's Day, love. You make life so much fun.




  1. Did he do the velociraptor dance as well? Cause then, that would have been HOT. Like, the perfect sexy borderline creepy Valentine's Day. I love my brothers. Hims is the bestest!

  2. hahaaha, so fun!

    who the heck goes to Paris for valentine's day!? ;)