Thursday, February 23, 2012

if I have a daughter, I will teach her these things

-Leggings do not count as pants. Period. If you are wearing leggings, then you will also be wearing a top that covers your bum bum. End of story.

-A little eyeliner goes a long way.

-I love you so much, even more than you know, but you are not a princess, and you shall not expect the world to treat you like one.

-Braces will only last for so long, and they'll be totally worth it.

-You'll never regret the time you spend with your family, but you'll regret the times you could have and chose not to.

-One day, when you're ready to date or marry, choose men who are genuinely and wholeheartedly kind. They may be difficult to find, but they are worth the wait. Your dad is a kind man, and I realize more and more each day how much God knew I needed that before I even did.

-Comparing yourself to other girls will only make you miserable. You're not perfect, but there are some irreplaceably beautiful things about you--be proud of those.

-Read books.

-I adore you and never want to hurt you, but I am not afraid to whoop your tail if I ever hear you've been cruel to another girl because she's not "cool" or "popular"

-Jesus loooooooooooves you, girl. I mean, more than even I do. I will not be a perfect parent. Pray and read your Bible every day. You'll find these disciplines to be immeasurable blessings.


  1. Your sincerity glistens through your words, girl! These are such beautiful thoughts to dwell in, and I am so excited that you're preparing for a little miracle! You will be, and already are, a wonderful mommy:)

  2. Leggings do NOT count as pants!!! I have wanted to do a blog post on this many, many times. Bum coverage is a must. Anyways, love all these things! I hope Baby Baker is a girl :)

  3. i so agree with you on the leggings thing. they are NOT pants, for crying out loud! and especially not the ones that are shiny and somewhat see-through. i also totally agree on the princess one. good stuff.

  4. Your (potential) daughter is a blessed girl!

    (I'm soooo with you about the leggings, by the way--as well as the weightier matters. :)

  5. This made me smile. :) When do you guys find out what you're having??

  6. This made me smile. :) When do you guys find out what you're having??

  7. Great lessons, Brett! Except that I do wear yoga leggings (which are thicker than regular leggings) as pants at the gym, and I am not ashamed of it!

  8. Sob. sob. sob. I am so excited to be on the journey of learning how to parent with you. I've got this gut feeling that you are going to teach me a hell of a lot.

  9. I love this. And laughed my butt off at the leggings comment. So true! When do you find out???