Saturday, February 4, 2012

have your cake and eat it, too

I have not gone hungry on this vacation.

As most of you know, I have an achilles heel for pizza of any kind. Carbs, cheese, doesn't get any better. Our Denver friends, Adam and Lindsey, introduced us to the best pizza on earth at Beau Jo's on Thursday night. It's the kind of pizza where you almost choke on the cheese, because there's so much. But what blew my MIND was the fact that they serve the pizza with....with.....honey. Local honey, and you dip the crust in it. It's like getting dessert after every single slice of carnivorous, cheesy goodness.


As if dousing my innards in grease and fat wasn't enough, our newest Denver friend, Allison surprised us last night by "throwing together" a from-scratch, six -layer, chocolate-and-strawberry (real strawberries) cake. I died right then and there. And then I ate a piece with a glass of milk and went to bed.

I also bought two packages of elk jerky and buffalo jerky from a roadside cart in downtown Breck.

...and then I bought two of the largest cookies I've ever seen in my life. One was dipped in chocolate. The other was dipped in white chocolate. I ate one for breakfast this morning.

What are you eating this weekend?




  1. I'm making these for dinner:
    Can't live in Texas and not have chipotle-something at least once a week!
    -Sara G.

  2. I had never had honey and pizza either until I moved out here. they say it's to dip the ginormous crust in afterwards, at least that's what I do. The Denver Beau Jo's is less than mile from my house - wish I had known y'all would be here! maybe next time :)