Monday, December 19, 2011

vacation station

It's officially my vacation, and although I love my job, I'm happy to say I won't be stepping foot back in the office until Tuesday, January 3rd (2012!). Bah!

I shall spend the next few weeks wearing yoga pants and Uggs and I don't care who judges me. I will mix my coffee with hot chocolate and eat poptarts on the sofa. I will watch Parenthood and Dexter and take naps. I will get up to run [only fun] errands, workout with friends, take the dog out, pee/poo or cook a meal. Everything else, I will do from the comfort of said sofa: wrap gifts, eat snacks, blog, plan meals, etc.

I can't wait.



  1. This is so random but I just got an email from amazon about that lamp you were looking for haha I figured it would be cruel not to pass it along.

  2. So jealous. So very very jealous. Your workout should involve some piltes on Thursday. :)