Thursday, December 1, 2011

some thoughts on pretzels and Christmastime

Sometimes, I can’t really decide if I like pretzels. I think I like the idea of them—something snacky, salty, baked. But when I actually eat them I sometimes feel as though someone’s taken a vacuum to my mouth. Anyone else feel that way? I want to like them, really, but I’m not sure that I do.

I sometimes feel the same way about cake. I don’t think I really actually like cake.

These are the things I think about when I’m alone on a lunch break. I sit in my little breakfast nook and stare at the hardwood floors, thinking about whether or not I really like pretzels. Ah, the contemplative life.

This weekend, N. and I are going to NYC. He won a trip with flights out of Charlottesville—so convenient and fun! We have some super-cool friends who live there; they show us all of the places where the hip folks hang (although hip folks probably wouldn’t call themselves “folks”), and steer us clear of tourist traps. True friends, indeed.

I stinking love this time of year, y’all. There are obvious reasons, like how enchanting Christmas trees look when they’re lit up at night or how much more yummy cookies are around Christmastime, but I also love the backseat that my vanity can take. Let me explain: I feel like there’s so much maintenance in the summer: I feel this strange pressure to keep shaven and tan (or at least sunlessly-tanned), and pedicured, and the hardest part of all: finding a way to keep my hair from frizzing in the humidity and heat. I also get super pink cheeks when I get warm, which doesn’t look sexy or pretty—it looks like a four year old. I much prefer putting tights over my unshaven legs and cardigans over my oh-so-pale shoulders. Does anybody hear me?

What do you all love about this season?




  1. Man I love this time of year too. I love the sweaters and all the soft things! And you're right, it's so much easier to be pale right now than in the summer. Hope you had a good weekend! We should probably actually hang out soon since we live in the same city and everything!

  2. You should try pretzel chips! I'm Megan, a new follower by the way:) I think I stumbled across your blog via a mutual JMU connection. Love your style, by the way!