Monday, December 12, 2011

may it never be

I've just finished one of my very first successful batches of cookies. Baking can be so persnickety. They're chocolate chip, toffee & sea salt cookies, and they're gooey-tastic and fat and beautiful. Here's the recipe I used. She's a pretty nifty blogger, although, I've got to admit that I wish her last name was Baker, then we would have sort of similar bloggie names. I get really cheesy and giddy when folks use their names in their blog titles, like

Steph Glover's The Glove Box. Brilliant!

I really sat down to blog about my man. I had a sweet friend visit the other day. She acted out an older blog post I had written and she couldn't remember the title of it, so she flailed her arms and tried to jog her memory by shouting "Love! Husbands! Gushy! Marriage!"

I realized that as we round year two (in WEEKS, y'all!), I'm afraid I've let some of the most enchanting things about marriage become unremarkable to me. May it never be.

Like how N. plays guitar sitting indian-style on our living room floor. I love this. He bobs his head and looks so cute. People used to pay to see him play like this. And I was standing in the kitchen using a hand mixer that dulled his sweet, haunting sound. May it never be. I love his voice and how intensely he plays. N. is not an extreme or overly-theatrical man, but put an instrument in his hand and a mic near his lips and it'll darn near make you cry. Well, me.

And may I never let it go unnoticed what a genuine heart he has. When I cook dinner, he always thanks me. Always--even if it's grilled cheese and canned soup. He always lets me park in the driveway, while he parks on the street with the other cars that crowd the neighborhood, and he never says a word about it. He'll often ask me how I'm feeling at the end of a day, instead of what I did. I think I sometimes just let these things happen. May it never be.

As we enter year three, may I never let these blessings just float by without a heart of gratitude and a kiss right on the mouth.

I love you, baby!


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  1. THANK YOU for this reminder to cherish all the things we love about our respective's to discovering more things to love about them in the years to come!