Wednesday, December 28, 2011

crying at Victoria's Secret

I went to Victoria's Secret today. I was exchanging some yoga pants that my sister got me for a different size--a simple enough task.

But sometimes when I'm out in public for too long by myself,  I start an inward dialogue about the people around me. It's dangerous, really, because I make things up like they don't have enough money to buy the bra they really want or that their boyfriend just broke up with them. And sometimes I give them long, drawn out stories that probably have nothing at all to do with their real lives. I don't know why I do this to myself. I always end up getting way too emotionally involved with strangers' personal lives that aren't actually real.

Take today now for example.

I was perusing a rack of yoga pants, looking for a cropped fit, size small. I was sharing said yoga pant rack with five pubescent girls. They all wore black yoga pants with Uggs, lots of eyeliner on the bottom lid and had extremely flat-ironed hair. They were simultaneously texting with one hand and holding Starbucks cups with their other. The slid the hangers on the metal rack using only their elbows. I was amazed, so I stepped back to observe.

When I stepped back, I nearly toppled over a ten-year-old-ish looking boy--obviously someone's little brother. He was short and had matted brown hair with freckles spattered all across his face. He was just a little bit chubby--just enough that his little belly hung below his summer camp t-shirt and over his carpenter jeans.

"Sorry!" I said

"S'ok." He glanced up at me. He had thick glasses that he peered over.

My heart melted. Gosh he was cute.

And that's when it happened. I let my mind wander and I imagined that this boy's sister was forced to bring him on her shopping trip with her cool middle school friends. I imagined that they hadn't talked to him all day and that they hadn't asked him if he wanted Starbucks. I imagined that he didn't want to be in Victoria's Secret--that he was waiting patiently to ask if they could go in the video game store. Then I imagined what if somebody at his school made fun of his glasses one time?

And then I turned on my heel, walked into a fitting room with not one item in my hand and sat down and cried. The attendant knocked on my door,

"Ma'am? What size are you trying on? Can I get you something?"

"34C, I think." I lied. I didn't need a bra. I needed yoga pants.

After I cried, I laughed and decided to blog about the experience and ask....

Do any of you guys do this?!?!?!?!? Please tell me I'm not hormonal and alone and crazy.

Thanks for reading,




  1. Ok, I don't do exactly that. But I also don't think you're crazy. How many times have I seen The Notebook? 20. So why on Earth did I SOB while reading the book? Like embarassing sobbing by the pool in Jamaica. I also cried multiple times while watching the (taped) finale of X-factor. It was the only episode I watched all season, yet I was invested in these people 110%.

    Also, I just think this means you have a really big heart. So keep on doin' what you're doing girl. Also... that makes me sad about the little boy too. I don't blame you for crying.

  2. "I was invested in these people 110%" HAHAHAHAHA. I completely understand that feeling!

  3. Girl, this is the type of mindset you need to invest in yourself as a writer. These so-called "made up" stories about random people you meet on a day-to-day basis is either you just being overtly observant or that you just want to give an explanation to the most seemingly random events that you stumble across.

    No, you're not crazy. Highly imaginative, for sure, but not crazy. Crying is just one way to remember that you're still alive. That you still know you are real and aren't conforming to the plastic/robotic lifestyle that the average person lives in this time and place.

    I wish I had your insight.

  4. I cried in Target at a young boy's pants behind me who were too short. I collected myself, got a gift card and went and gave it to him. I invest an odd amount of time in the lives of You're not alone!

  5. Absolutely. Burden of the English Major...constantly making up sad stories and staring at people until I realize they are totally weirded out by some 23-year-old statue.

  6. I completely understand, love. It's as if my mind has to indulge itself with the world, and people, around me to the degree that imaginative isn't a strong enough word to describe what happens! I have yet to cry in public, though my car has seen a few. More often than not I run into something, or start laughing for what appears to be no good reason. Keep on imagining my dear. You never know where a thought up story can take you, or someone else:)

  7. Are you really a 34C ????

  8. You're likely just hormonal.

  9. Heck if I know, anon. Are you a female? If so, you know how they always measure you at VS and tell you that you're about two sizes bigger than you actually are? The girls who work there are sweet, but.....are, like, in high school, just trying to get a few bucks over christmas break. I think I've been lied to....The girl told me I was a 32 D, but I walked out with a 36 B.....humble pie.

  10. I'm not really a writer but I get emotional over made up situations. Chad and I cry when we see old people eating, small children, and people with mental disabilities. We love them. And selfishly think we are the only ones who do. On another note, do you have the gift of mercy? Cause sometimes seeing situations, or potential situations and wanting to fix them could be a sign of that...

  11. Miss Brett,

    I too make up stories like you do and then I come home and tell my boyfriend and we make sad faces at each other. I've never cried over these stories in public, but I've surely gotten choked up a few times. As for the bra sizing, I can tell from looking at pictures that there is no way you should be wearing a 36B! 32D sounds more reasonable, but if I were you I'd head over to Nordstrom or another department store to get measured again. Victoria's Secret carries limited sizes and when they measure you it's in their best interest to make sure you buy a size that they carry ;) One more tip: never let them add 4-5 inches to your band size when they measure, that's an outdated technique and is sure to get you into an ill-fitting bra. When you find the right one you will feel like a new woman, guaranteed :)

  12. I teared up at the new Facebook Timeline promo video last night. Then I promptly added Timeline to my Facebook page. I don't know what it was. I just loved how they characterized a couple's relationship all the way from first date to having kids to being grandparents.

  13. I had to comment because I just had a moment like this in the store - an elderly man asked me to read his 2 liter soda bottle to be sure it was caffeine free (he had forgotten his glasses). Sure enough, it wasn't, so I picked up the correct one for him.

    All I could think about was what would have happened if he hasn't asked me! Maybe he lives alone and has doctor's orders not to have caffeine, and he wouldn't have known any better! Then I was upset. Le sigh...

  14. sometimes i read your blog and the similiarities between us are freaky. i really admire you; this post goes to show what a HUGE heart you have! :)