Thursday, December 29, 2011

bedtime routine

N. and I have a bedtime routine.

Our weeknight evenings almost always end with us watching an episode (or....three) of Dexter on the couch. Then we let Turk out and all three of us go upstairs. We brush our teeth next to each other, and for some reason, we always choose that time to bring up a new topic of conversation. We mutter consonant-less syllables and use our hands to act out what we're trying to say. I don't know why our topics are so important that we can't wait until we spit out our toothpaste. Nevertheless, we make it work. I think that's part of marriage--being able to interpret exactly what one another is saying with a mouth full of bristles and suds.

Then we climb in to our "chozee" bed and Turk always jumps up. We have to tell him to get on his bed on the floor and then we cover him with a blanket. He knows this means he just has to wait until we fall asleep so he can hop up without us noticing. Fool proof. And so cute.

N. props himself up on pillows and we flip through his facebook and twitter together, pointing out people who've gotten engaged or posted videos of themselves singing. While I'm leaning on his shoulder, I always smell N's armpits. He always smells good....even his armpits. And I usually kiss him a lot on his face. Last night he lovingly told me that my breath still smelled bad even though I had just brushed my teeth.

He said "It's weird, because you always have good breath." I nodded. Not that I would know.... I made him use his iPhone to look at my throat--maybe I had something stuck back there.

I didn't. Just bad breath.

Then he asks me if I've taken my contacts out and if it's a normal night....I haven't. When he asks me this, it's actually his way of asking, Can I turn the lights off now?

I take my contacts out, and pull one of N's pillows out from under his head. He snores if he has too many pillows.

And that's our routine. I usually wake up to pee in the night, which I always dread until I actually get back in bed, because the bustle makes N wake up a little and he always rolls over and flops an arm or leg over and me and it's so waaaaaaarm.

What are your bedtime routines? Do you have one?




  1. THAT is our routine. Down to the armpits. . And replacing facebook and twitter with playing angry birds, passing it back and forth until we get three stars on one level.

  2. daniel always takes junie out and then we all trot upstairs and daniel flops in bed and junie waits until I put her in the bed, where she and daniel fight about whose side of the bed she is going to sleep on...usually mine, which is fine because shes so warm and tiny. It's funny because we always wait to have the most important conversations then...its like we feel more candid in the total dark. and safe. and we talk about things that dont make sense in our half awake state and laugh at...everything. i love it. its one of my favorite things about marriage.

  3. Haha Gabe and I's routine looked a lot like this before Noah came around. Now we kind of brush our teeth/wash face at separate times. But we come together for some reading time in bed. Gabe usually puts some chap stick on and blows his nose. One or the both of us makes sure the baby hasn't kicked off his covers, and then we turn off the lights. I cuddle up next to Gabe but we always wake up apart from each other. Lately we wake up and have switched sides, and we can't remember it. ;) Waking up to a baby in the middle of the night does some strange things to you. Loved reading your little routine with N. It's so cute how quirky people are. I love it :) -Jordan B.

  4. Okay, I can't even watch Dexter in the middle of the day with a group of cute puppies and bunnies surrounding me. At night? In the dark? Before trying to sleep??? You're a brave woman.