Sunday, November 20, 2011

a thankful list

I feel like a cliche already, but I think it's always good for the soul to physically list out things that one is thankful for. And since I'm feeling particularly thankful today (N. cleaned, vacuumed and organized the entire downstairs), I figured I'd make a little listy, even if it is a slightly unoriginal idea:

-I'm thankful for my dog's ears. They're so darn floppy and soft and he lets me sit on the sofa and twist them around while I watch Parenthood.

-I'm thankful for all of my blog followers who sent my family gift cards and boxes of clothing and food. You guys and gals really blessed me. I can't tell you how thankful I am.

-I'm thankful for yoga pants and my Nike Frees.

-I'm thankful for the red Herbal Essence shampoo. It makes getting out of bed and in the shower every morning just a bit more bearable.

-I'm thankful for the way N. wakes me up every morning. He's so NICE. He prays the same thing every morning, and he kisses me on the cheek, like, a gazillion times and his chin is scratchy. I'm really thankful for that.

-I'm thankful for my nephews who coax me back into childhood when I'm with them: screaming Veggie Tales at the top of our lungs, waiting "patiently" in line to trade our toys for ice cream at Chik-fila. They're such a joy:

-I'm thankful for the stability and comfort of moms--mine, at least. I love how I can call her with any little thing--be it through tears (she's the first one I called when the Wilbourn's house fire happened) or something so random as  "When do women's belly's start showing when they're pregnant?"

-I'm thankful for my one and only pair of Citizen's jeans. I could wear them every day. I basically do. 

-I'm thankful for the huge white fleece blanket on my couch. We call it the cloud. Turk loves it, too. He tries to carry it around the house sometimes. It's bigger than he is. 

-I'm thankful for dryer sheets. 

-I'm thankful for my "station." N. coined this phrase. It's where I get ready every morning. I take my shower, sit on the floor in front of my mirror with my hair dryer on (it's lying on the ground...I'm not sure why I do's kind of this OCD thing that I just have to do), do my makeup and then dry my hair. I do all of this in a towel. It's my routine. I love the sound of a hairdryer. It calms me. 

- I'm thankful for my drive to work each morning. I get to see the mountains every. single. day. 

-I'm thankful for decorative vases. They are perhaps my favorite decor item. And candles...if those count. 

-I'm thankful for N.'s Vespa. I never really thought I'd say that. But the truth is, it makes him so much more willing (giddy, really) to run errands if, say, I've run out of potatoes and I need one for a soup recipe. He loves loves loves his Vespa. It makes me happy to see him so....well, happy. 

-I'm thankful for Jesus and that I have an ever changing and growing relationship with him which is made possible by his Word. So thankful. So blessed. 

What are you all thankful for this season?



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