Tuesday, November 22, 2011

on my mind

-On Thursday, I get to have my Oma's sauerkraut with gravy stirred in. My fave Thanksgiving food. 

-Katniss > Bella, anyday, although Rob Pattinson > both. 

-I've eaten grilled cheese for the past three of four meals, and it's not getting old. Is this a problem?

-I love my new little nephew, Phoenix. He has the perfect little round head and baby duck hair. I want to kiss those cheeks. 

-I'm decorating for Christmas ASAP.

-It looks like a Robert Frost poem outside right now---gray, gray, depressing, gray. 

-N's birthday is tomorrow. He'll be 27. I love him.

-My baby sister got her wisdom teeth out today, and I wonder how she's doing. When I got my wisdom teeth out, I got one of those nasty dry socket things. Also, the memory of having to irrigate a hole in the back of my mouth makes the room spin. I might puke. And the only thing that I would puke is grilled cheese. 

-I'm officially not cool anymore. I finally broke down and looked up what "SMH" stands for, and what a "goal friend" is. I'm a loser.

What's on your mind, bloggies? Days like these sap my mind of inspiration. I need a napperz.



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  1. i just had to look up "goal friends" as well. after looking up "eskimo friends" earlier today based on a friend's tweet, i much prefer goal friends. (ps: don't look up eskimo friends)