Friday, November 4, 2011

it's friday night at 7pm

and I'm eating peanut butter from the jar while I finish up some work.

My man is out huntin'. (Pretend I said that with a grunt and a fart).

Turk has just jumped on the sofa, tossed all but one decorative pillow on the floor and is now curled up with his head resting on the one survivor.

I've nothing super-tastically meaningful to say except that I wish more people would have some grace for dear Kim-- (refer to one post down....yes, I'm beating this oh-so dead horse).

But really, y'all! OK, so she's slightly unstable and maybe a little bit self-interested, but....wouldn't you be, too? I mean, imagine having cameras follow you into the bathroom when all you really want to do a take a tinkle in peace. Imagine having every other person in America critique your every single stinking outfit. I guarantee that if you sat her down and got to know the real Kim, she'd be a lot like you and me. She'd probably, actually, be a lot less happy. Let's have some grace, people. She's not threatening the sanctity of marriage more than any of us are. We're humans, too....remember? And even if your marriage is perfect and bar-raising, I'm sure there's something in you that isn't so picturesque. I, for example, can be downright selfish, mean and cut people off in traffic like you wouldn't believe. I know for a fact, too, that Kim donates a lot more money than I do to good causes.

I just think that until we walk a mile in those stilettos of hers, we should calm down on the facebook and twitter stabs.

We've all fallen short, yeah?

I'm off my soapbox now.

I will try my best not to get on it again.




  1. Ummm, isn't that exactly what you did with that last post? Judge?

  2. @anon- I'm happy to have this conversation over email: Shoot me an email and we can chat about where you saw the judgement in my last post.

  3. I am your newest follower and loving your posts! Keep them up! -Amy

  4. Hey, there. Would love to hear your reaction to this article:

  5. Hey, @anonymous #2--My reaction to the article will probably be different than my response to it. My reaction is to say that it's not fair to single Kim out for the mistakes we've made, because we've all made them. I really think it's important to focus on what WE can do better to uphold the covenant of marriage, not to call out others on how they've done it wrong. I don't think that it so much matters what your orientation is--we all make mistakes when it comes to loving people. We all disappoint the ones we love, and we all waver in our commitments at one time or another. Love is an interesting thing, and I still have yet to meet the person who has it down perfectly.

  6. OH! And I'm flattered that you wanted to know my opinion. What's yours???