Saturday, October 15, 2011

a profound mystery

N. and I went out for mexican last night. We get mexican a lot, but we treat ourselves if it's Friday night: extra queso, jumbo margs, the works. We spend about 40% of our date times talking about things that actually matter. We spend about 40% of the time talking about how much denim the person at the other table is wearing. Or we pretend to throw up on things--(we do this a lot; for some reason it's very funny to us to pretend to vomit on something and then go right back into normal conversation). And we spend other 20% of the time disagreeing about something.

Paul (I think it's Paul, right?) writes in Ephesians about the "profound mystery" that is the relationship between Christ and the Church. This relationship is supposed to reflect what earthly marriage looks like.

A profound mystery, indeed. I'm not sure what exactly Paul means by this is terms of Christ and the Church, but I know that the phrase is so fitting for my own marriage.

N. and I were falling asleep last night. The windows were open and it was freezing, but we like it that way 'cause it's so cozy under all of the covers. I had thick wool socks on. We let Turk curl up at our feet. We were talking quietly about a heated topic that normally wouldn't have come up had it not been for the jumbo margs. We sassed each other a little bit, but we were holding each other the whole time. A mystery. I said,

"You annoy me more than anybody else in the whole world, but I just freaking love you so much, too. I would jump in front of a moving train right now for you."

N. nodded in agreement.

A profound mystery indeed. Perhaps the intermingling of two souls is bound to be like this. It's a vulnerable place, the marriage relationship. It's also the sweetest. It's a freaking difficult thing to figure out, too. When to submit, when to keep digging, when to surrender, when to keep fighting. Praise the Lord I married a praying man. I love him so.




  1. This is insanely true. I always tell my soon- to- be- married friends, that marriage will teach you that you will never be as mad as you will be in marriage and you will really, honestly never love someone that deeply despite it all. it's raw, and good, and hard. and worth it all.

  2. This is so encouraging, Brett! Thank you!

  3. this is beautiful, thank you for sharing!!