Saturday, October 8, 2011

home alone

N. (and Turk) are out of town today. I used to be really scared to be home alone. Now, not so much. There are so many fun things I can still do, like:

-wake up at 7:00am and just lie there for 25 minutes kicking my feet around because N. isn't there to take up six-foot-seven worth of bed (love you, baby)
-run without the pup. Although I love him, it's nice not to have to stop for every other fast food bag that someone threw out the car window.
-come back home and lie down on the sofa "just for a minute"
-wake up 3 hours later
-drive to Buger King to get a breakfast bowl (no gluten!)
-realize it's 11am and they don't serve breakfast anymore (I stared at the menu, still, thinking maybe if I stared long enough, the chicken nuggets would turn into tater tots again...)
-talk to my mama on the phone for a long time. twice.
-make grilled cheese and tomato soup (since N. doesn't like tomato soup...weirdo)
-eat grilled cheese before I sit down
-drink tomato soup out of the bowl
-take really ugly photos of myself:

notice the acne on the chin. the unbrushed hair. the furrowed brow. the makeup-less face. it's all very scary to me.

next, I'm going to take myself to Target, which will take all of 30 minutes to drive across town, and I'm going to buy things that N. won't think are necessarily justifiable, but I do:

-pumpkin candles
-all-natural $6 cleaning products
-autumn home decor
-pajama pants

What are your Saturday plans, friends?



  1. Everyone is always so surprised that I really don't mind my weekends alone. I usually still have all the pets, but I'm able to do things on my time and no one else's. Planned for today: watch CMT music videos, eat a fast food lunch, go shopping without a list of any kind, and possibly eat a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. Yum!

  2. my saturday plan: get my brother married.
    UPDATE: Success!