Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Acoustic Handmade-all natural lip balm

My dear friend Susannah and I sang together in college.  She and I spent a ton of time laughing during rehearsals when we should have been singing. If we weren’t making up ludicrous choreography to one of our songs, then we were probably getting in trouble for making faces at one another (the “fake smile” was a popular one).

One thing I’ll always remember about Susannah is her oh-so loveable perfectionist tendencies. She’s organized. She’s on top of it. She. Knows. Everything. I don’t know how she does it.

Luckily for us, though, these inclinations carried over into her absolutely fabulous business,  Acoustic Handmade, the most amazing all-natural lip balm you'll ever experience in your whole live long life.

Susannah is a self-proclaimed picky person, so it’s only fitting that her lip balm is, like, literally perfect. 

The best part?
-No unnatural colors. Praises.
-No chemicals. Thanks you, Lord.
-And NO PETROLEUM! Unheard of, yall!

Suse sent me a few of my very own Lippers: 

Vanilla Mint: If you like Junior Mints, just go ahead and purchase about twelve of these puppies. Delicious.

Lavender: I felt like I was at a spa. No really. I just sat there and smelled the thing for five minutes before I even tried it.

Peppermint: This one's my favorite. It's super refreshing and silky. Love it. Love it. 

And there are so many more flavors to choose from!

Do yourselves (and your lippys!) a favor, and bee bop on over to the Acoustic Handmade store. 

Make sure to enter thebakery as the promo code for FREE shipping on your order, and don't forget to tell sweet Susannah hello!

pucker up, y'all!




  1. every prego needs good lips to kiss on that baby. lip balm for hospital - check

  2. Awesome! I am always looking for a new lip balm. Thanks for the recommendation! Any chance you have tried the basil lemonade?