Monday, August 15, 2011


I love playing the lookalike game.

Everywhere I go, I try to test myself to see if I can find people who look like movie stars. The way I win my game is if N agrees with me. He's a hard judge, so I've gotten better at it over time.

When we were in Cancun, I found THE Clinton Kelly lookalike of the world. That one is probably my biggest victory yet. I wish I had a photo of said lookalike, but I feel like that is maybe a blogging taboo...

So you can imagine my giddiness when someone told me I had a lookalike today. For some reason, I get "you look like-s" a lot. I attribute it to my freakishly large eyes and teeth. Sometimes, I feel honored. Sometimes, I feel confused.

For example:
(this is me. holding a paper towel holder.) 

So, there's:

"You look like Brittany Snow" 

Uh. Honored.


"You look like Alexandra Chando":
(this is the one I got today)
Confused. But she IS pretty!

Then there's this one. The one I get the most:

"You look like Maggie Gyllenhaal!!"

no comment.

Who are your lookalikes?!?!?!



  1. I spoke with the Clinton Kelly lookalike, hoping to get the greenlight to send a picture for your blog. He said, "why, I don't look like him." I said, "are you serious? You are the spitting image of him." Right now I am being given a yellowlight... I'll try to get to green.

  2. HAHA! Don't you love those confused/no comment moments?! I see the first two more than the final one. I usually get, "you look like Idina Menzel" which i am completely flattered by!

  3. wow, you definitely look like Brittany Snow-- which is a compliment seeing as she's gorgeous! but i can see how you get compared to all three of 'em.

  4. I think you look a lot like Emmy Rossum! :)

  5. I used to get Lindsay Lohan all the time. Sometimes I get Emma Stone. After getting bangs, I've heard that I look like Zooey Deschanel at least every other day, which I'm okay with.

    But really I think most white girls with brown hair and big eyes look like other white girls with brown hair and big eyes. Oh well!

  6. I LOVE Maggie Gyllenhaal. I think she is beautiful. So there. (but still not as beautiful as you).
    Oh, my lookalikes....haven't gotten one in a LONG time (could be the post-baby-ness), but I used to get Yasmin Bleeth, Sandra Bullock, and when I dyed my hair red, Debra Messing. Yeck.

  7. I think of the three you probably most look like Brittany Snow, but they are all beautiful, so I would take them all as complements! I used to get that I looked like Julia Stiles, but that was pre-college when I was a little plumper and my face was rounder. I guess no one thinks I look like anyone now because I haven't gotten a look-alike comment in years!

  8. Kyle and I just finished watching Pitch Perfect and you look EXACTLY like Brittany Snow. We kept saying that over and over. You look more like her than you do your own sisters! You both are absolutely gorgeous. It reminded me of this post, so I had to comment:)