Monday, August 22, 2011

houses full of women: a weekend with an old friend

I grew up in a house full of women. It was among the best things ever to happen to me. If you take away all of the hair left on the shower wall and the syncing of cycles, I don’t think there’s anything better. 

There's a special kind of female camaraderie that you can only have with your closest females. The kind that can say, 

"I love you, but those earrings aren't working. Never have, never will. Neither is that skirt, but you're still pretty."

or the kind that will sit on the bathroom sink while you're on the toilet, emoting about life's latest curveball, then effortlessly hang with the conversation when you, without warning, turn it to what kind of shoes you should wear that night....all the while still on the toilet

Is anybody with me? 

These relationships are rare, I think. And they get more rare the more you grow up--the more self-aware you become. 

I think I only have this kind of relationship with a few women, two of whom are the Taylor sisters, namely Jamienne. 

James and Brett

Imagine those two names on the outside of a girls' dorm room at JMU. It confused many-a-college guy, I think. 

Since I moved around a lot growing up, meeting James in the 7th grade makes her my oldest friend. Their house is like mine---all women. This means a few things:

-clothes. strewn about. everywhere. 

-makeup on the bathroom counter--in every shade imaginable. 

-sharing everything without feeling the need to ask*

-noise. women who are close will rarely take the effort to walk into another room in order to ask a question. More often than not--or when in doubt--you just yell.

*sharing always goes un-asked in a house full of women, am I right? There's no time to ask if you can borrow a hairbrush, because you're always too busy fixing a wardrobe malfunction or passing around a cell phone, trying to decode a text from a boy

You can imagine my delight when I got to spend the whole past weekend with James. We celebrated her sister-in-law's first baby who is, appropriate enough, a baby girl. 

Did you all grow up in a house full of women? Or did you grow up with brothers? Only child? Do you have old friends like these?

Tell me about growing up your house. Tell me about your Taylor sisters. 



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