Monday, August 29, 2011

canterbury designs

Two of my sweet, sweet blog followers, Christie and Lauren, are amazingly talented and artsy. They have a fun business called Canterbury Designs. They make these delightful headbands out of rolled, fabric flowers, fun little flower bud earrings, and AH-mazingly cute stationary. I'm obsessed, can you tell?

They made me my very own headband with white flowers:

and these cutie little cards with "B"s on them!

I love that they can custom-make their products, but what I love more is that my headband came with scripture written on the inside. In light blue lettering, the inside of the flowers read,

"always be joyful."

I love this. Love. Love. Love.

These gals are quality. They're smart little business women, and they're really going places with Canterbury Designs.

Do yourselves a favor, bloggies. Go visit their website and buy a few cute and uplifting goodies!




  1. Been reading/enjoying your blog for awhile now. You are a beautiful daughter of the Most High God, stay rooted in Him and keep writing :)
    Blessings to you and yours

  2. thanks so much, anon! I truly appreciate you reading; it encouraged me more than I can say!!