Friday, July 22, 2011

woot woot weekend!

It has been a gloriously short work week for me, y'all, and I feel like I totally haven't earned the exciting weekend I have coming up:

-seeing Harry Potter tonight with N. and the best man from our wedding, Wes, with probably a few margs to follow
-going tubing tomorrow with these.  fantastic. folks on the James River. Not to worry--the bevs, snacks and sunscreen will each have their own personal floatation devices.
-finally being able to head back to Portico after being gone for so many weekends!

what's on the docket for you all this weekend?



  1. I heart my status in this relationship. - Wes

  2. Woo hoo! My family and I (you know- the Rothwells ;) ) went to see Harry Potter at the midnight opening. I don't know if you're a crier- I am- but just in case, bring some tissues.

  3. Did you do a photo shoot for Eric Kelley? I just checked out the link from your post and was looking through his portfolio, and saw this gorgeous girl staring into a mirror in a wedding gown. And then I was like--dang, I think that's my cousin! Gorgeous photos.